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The Sacred, and the Therapeutic
Crackpot Mailbox: On Peterson from Teutonic Fist, James and Riley
© 2019 James LaFond
Jan 30, 2019, 11:17 AM
to me
A good article i read about the cultural phenomenon of the Internet Hoaxer Jordan Peterson,
You know, that whiny little drug addicted canuck academic with a camwhore daughter who talks to young men about manlyness.
Besides from the cultural aspects of this stick I often think this Internet E-Personalities stuff is a Psych Op that adresses always the same demographic; young white men who are leftout of society and that have no conquest in foreign land you can send them off to.
It started with Molyneux that at the age of over 40 changed his ideology multiple times depending on where the said demographic goes for entertainment and therapeutic content, and now its Peterson who tried to sell himself to the System his whole life and who finaly found a buyer that handles him to passivy young men with nonsense talk out of the first semester in psychology, making big money for speaking a few obvious truths spiced with his own sociopathic twist
You know, I don't think its alltogether bad that there are so many E-Celebs and Cam Whores out there that make big Patreon Money from all these losers and paypigs, since the point in robbing banks is to rob banks and not their 253701 customers once at a time.
-Teutonic Fist
Sir, here is a recent link sent by Riley, which I think demonstrates the usefulness of shills like Peterson and Molynuex, creatures who seem like ghosts discussing the viability of the human soul they are a mere caricature of, but nevertheless serve as a potential gateway from the rationalized feminine into the rational male and thence hopefully to the masculine—though both will always balk at a purely masculine perspective. I see them as Andy prototypes for the future, scrubbed of testosterone and estrogen and used as counselors to the crazed remnants of insipid humanity.
Your case is well enough stated that I need not add to it and will only restate that the Peterson Bot's reasoning mechanics have provided me with useful thought exercises, namely in finding my point of transcendent moral departure from his mechanistic doctrine of human ascendency to godhood.
A good friend of mine has mentioned how the man's mere gnomish voice is enough to dispel any notion that he represents the masculine in any case beyond considering it as a reference for certain social mechanics.
Jordan Peterson Brilliantly EDUCATES A Woman On Climate Change - YouTube
Thu, Mar 7, 8:28 PM (2 days ago)
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