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'Dis Dirty Ass Dog'
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Dear Mr. LaFond,
Thanks to Shep for the New Britain machete duel. The video footage shows the white-hooded, more experienced combatant waving his machete wildly from a distance. I assume this is both to limber up and to allow fear to do some of the heavy lifting.
The machete man shows more confidence discarding his fabric shield, while the knife man keeps his backpack as a shield until his nerve totally breaks and he either looses his blade from palm sweat/fear or throws it. The smaller, more aggressive man in white does a roof-block flourish which is a shoulder warm up ad also shows that he has the better reach and is still trying to close, which causes a major gut check among the muscle man's neuro-net, which defaults to, "oh shit, run!" I think they both used good sense and that such mutually intelligible sets of posturing and approach do limit violence among armed human combatants. When big knife duels got truly hideous was among American Аrуаns who, once cut or stabbed or cleaved, were intent on dragging their antagonist to hell with them. That attitude is like a nuclear option in 1970s geopolitical parlance and was essentially what the appropriately white-hooded aggressor demonstrated with his, "I'm the bwana now," attack. -JL
knife vs. machete
Wed, Apr 17, 10:52 PM (6 days ago)
Dear Mr. LaFond,
I thought this incident at Luton shopping mall well illustrates that in so far as knives are concerned, big is not always better.
Swinging and reaching, and flop-stabbing from forehand and ice pick grip are all problems with the untrained properly using blades of length. Forearm conditioning to stabilize the edge-on orientation is also clutch and requires about a year of training in most sedentary folks. -JL
Good Night America from Manny
Fuel up the carriers.
Good Morning from Riley
On the abuse of men.
Drama queens seem very common these days. No wonder women turn mean, un-pounded by whineohs as they are.
Sent from Riley
Dis dirty ass dog tryin’ ta steal Stevedore’s hat!
Wed, Apr 17, 10:25 PM (6 days ago)
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