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Pat Dixon from NYC Crime Report
A Link to His Latest and a Discussion of a Subway Macking Nightmare James Had Starring Pat
James - you could post this one for the episode, and I think that should work.
this one for the podcast -
I've surely got a link to your website somewhere, but resend it when you get a minute, I'll link to your website on mine as well.
That nightmare story was hilarious to me, and I particularly liked the choice of women that I'm lusting over and the phrase "Caucasian penis, dangerously erect." If I ever get back on the dating sites, that will be my easy four-word bio. By complimenting you on that particular choice of women to walk on the train, it occurs to me now that I'm closing some kind of psychic loop in repeating that action from the story.
Kind of love the choice of President, Andrew Jackson. Similar in some ways to Trump. I'm gonna have to research and see if AJ is still scheduled to be removed from the $20.
Keep writing me in whenever you take a notion! or have a nightmare.
Pat Dixon
The nightmare has been written as a story titled Pat's Dick and will be in print this year in the 17 story anthology Book of Nightmares.
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