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‘Like Servants’
Crackpot Mailbox: A Report from the Milkshake Front of the Uncivil War
I believe your pioneering efforts in the art or crowbar fighting have begun to gain some converts here in Portland. Antifa smashed a guy in the head downtown yesterday with a crowbar. Too bad no video. The boys in black masks are getting more violent. The current liberal craze is to dump milkshakes in the faces of people they disagree with. Here in Portland, the milkshakes are made with quick dry concrete. Makes for some nice chemical burns. I am predicting a short term escalation of violence over the summer. Once someone finally gets killed, I think they’ll all get scared and stay home for a while.
There was a trailer parked on Foster by the used tire store on 60th yesterday, being used as a platform for a billboard, encouraging people to go downtown and join the revolution. The funny thing, after the shit downtown was all over, I get off work and go grocery shopping at winco. There’s all sorts of antifa there, doing their shopping, I could just tell, they were dressed like punk rockers(playing dress up), and looked haggard like they’d been running around downtown all day. Anyway, a lot of them were couples. I’m kinda watching them, and they’re all the most prissy kind of men. Asking their girl what the right kind of vegetable to get with all the rice they have at home, following behind their women, bagging the groceries while the women pay the bill, the whole scene was kinda funny to me. Like, a couple hours ago, these dudes were throwing shit at the cops and screaming “FUCK YOU FACIST! I’LL KICK YOUR ASS!!!”, and now here they are, following their women around like servants. Anyway, thanks again for the reply.
Your pal,
The Equation of Limited Democracy
Democracy has only been functional in traditional societies in which those who took risks to implement voting results where the only ones to vote. The vote of a war band, for instance, is an example of functional democracy. Voting above tribal levels, in other words, votes cast by military formations above company or battalion level, will be subject to hysteria and influence speculation, such as the vote of the besieged Athenians to invade and pillage Syracuse.
Once democracy [as a function, for it is not a political form but a mechanism for determining political influence] scales up to the level of representative republics such as the Late Great United States of America, then hysteria and influence peddling become key aspects of governance, with the interesting aspect that “mob rule” does not become an aspect of political life under the more chaotic absolute democracy but rather under the representative democracy, as the more powerful and intelligent oligarchs set their apish moral automatons into motion. Such a democratic mechanism can power rampant imperialism and expansion so long as the oligarchy maintains ethnic-cultural solidarity with the slave class. Moral unity of master class and slave class, when infused with industrialism, created the most powerful nation in known human history. This same mechanism powered Republican Rome to levels of expansion unequalled by Imperial Rome.
Once conquest opportunities are exhausted [1903] the oligarchy must alienate itself from the slave class with which it is ethnically identified so as to restore a normal master-slave balance within the geographically stable body politic. The war slaves and industrial slaves that conquered a world cannot be permitted to grow outwardly idle lest they contemplate their suitability for supplanting the master class. Lower grade slaves, easily frightened and risk averse, must be imported and cultivated in order to maintain the master class in traditional fashion. The single best way to achieve this is to place decision-making powers into the hands of women. This Christian strategy for undermining primitive warrior societies was then turned on the U.S. with women’s suffrage. Since a certain percentage of risk-taking men will commit crime and be disqualified from voting and since female life expectancy exceeded male longevity at nearly the year that the vote was given to women in the early 20th century [editor fact check] America, it was then inevitable that scare tactics and lies [in use since the nation’s inception] would become the dominant social driver and mold female decision making and in turn reshape the social landscape. Combining the deep biological need women have to be owned with the power of voting, permitting them to assign their own godlike owners, doomed the remaining American warrior class to fight only wars to benefit extra-national interests, all of which were started under false pretexts.
Interestingly, American naval vessels [The Maine, The Lusitania, The Pearl Harbor Sacrifice and the Tonkin Deception] were all used to place in the feeble American slave mind an image of a mini-American community, from Oligarch down to sailor in peril upon the waves of an uncertain sea stalked by enemies, when in fact, the Maine was probably an accident and the naval pretexts for WWI, WWII and Vietnam were engineered by U.S. intelligence assets. To the female mind, a lie is always more comforting then the truth. So by taking the democratic war council of the tribe, in which agreed-upon facts are used to form a basis for a discussion on risks to be shared by the voters and placing this mechanism at the core of a feminized society as a means for attaining a sense of risk-averse panacea, than democracy has come full spiral and joined the ghost story used to frighten children into compliance. However, the instinct to serve a moral master, now empowers the most debased sissy mind to dronish heroism on behalf of the vaginal goddess of sissydom—the Head Neurotic in Charge in this plantation of the mind.
Congrats on being ground zero for the paradigm shift in heroism. I’ll join you come winter.
-Your Odd Friend, James
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-Shep reporting
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