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Sandy vs Nancy
Crackpot Mailbox: Advice for the Left on Managing the Descent into High Tech Darkness
© 2019 James LaFond
Lynn Lockhart
Tue, Jul 9, 6:48 PM (7 days ago)
Notwithstanding the valiant efforts of President Trump, the Left clearly has permanent control over the US Federal Government, and in this phase of consolidation the common enemy - The Whiteman - is no longer powerful enough to keep them united. Nancy Pelosi is a - ahem - seasoned politician and is concerned primarily with her own power. AOC (formerly known as "Sandy") is an upstart and her main challenge is the old guard of her own party. How do you foresee the factions of the Left behaving as they fight over the scraps of the Empire?
Key players:
AOC and those who will follow her - literally brain dead millennials who believe socialism has never been tried.
Tariq Nasheed - trying to organize ADOS (American descendants of slaves, only blacks need apply) against all other factions, including African immigrants and particularly Hispanics.
Homos are having their own infighting, basically lesbians against trannies.
I don't foresee Central Americans getting organized in their own interest. Their internalized white supremacy will ensure that only the occasional Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio gets on the national stage. By the way, I could not resist dunking on this guy who believes that meso-American jungle people are going to conquer North and South America:
Have you ever thought about predicting some sort of happy, prosperous future? It would be a nice change.
James Sees the Silver Lining
Wish granted, girl.
My editor dear,
Do not fear,
Nor shed a dainty tear—
It's all wine and roses from here!
I predict a wonderful future in which I am AOC's personal advisor and bodyguard, staying up into the wee hours of rum-sodden morning solving the world's problems by balancing my beer can on her little bubbly rump...
While Hag Nancy panhandles in the alley below until dusk sees the sun sinking low,
Where, come night, Oliver Wendell Hayes, Big Ron, Erique, Yeti Waters and I join Tariq [whose film Hidden Colors I reviewed in Take Me to Your Breeder] for a game of dice so bucolic that no one gets shot, sucker punched or shanked.
We, enjoying the night while AOC take her scented bath and ringlets her hair in oil against the yearning hour when my shadow darkens her lonely door, will decide the fate of the world, which will be whispered to my darling as dawn nears,
All under the orange awnings of Big Daddy Trump's rental property,
Where Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, dressed as al Pacino in Cruising and the lead singer of Judas Priest work as greeters in the lobby,
While in the presidential suite above, the mud man who made this hilarious map gets paid by my skanky tail princess to graffiti the walls of her condo with pictures of her as Malinche and l as Cortez leading our men in vengeance upon the Aztecs.
Now that shit is coming true—I guarantee you!
This also suffices as my advice for the Left—send AOC's soy boy mate out to the woodshed with Big Ron and Yeti Waters while I pimp slap Nancy to the curb and guide the true American queen into the long diversionary nights of her reign. With me in her corner that fine bitch can do no wrong. In the movie, I'd like to be played by Benecio del Toro.
I hope you do not think this is some kind of attempt at humor. I have just outlined what I truly believe is the best course for humanity, with my firm, upstanding, rock-solid ethics embedded deep in the personified power structure.
Do not worry, recreational readers. I will abandon this line of responsible utopian prediction and resume my dark fantasy prophecy soon.
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neal     Jul 16, 2019

Nancy was great in the auto erotica days. Detroit muscle.

Now this newby is just another video killed the fine merger of babe and rod. Maybe a lowrider calendar or an old hog mag would work for the new class. Everything new is, again.
Shep     Jul 17, 2019

Great points, Lynn!

Somebody call the burn ward!
Shep     Jul 17, 2019

Respond to all AOC tweets with a drink order:

"Hi, Sandy. I'd like a Tanqueray and tonic with two lime wedges please."
James     Jul 18, 2019

It's a shame when some doll misses her calling.
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