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End of the Grocery Store
Crackpot Mailbox: The Ghetto Grocer is Assailed by the Pleas of a Shopping Mom
© 2019 James LaFond
Lynn Lockhart
Jul 9, 2019, 7:21 PM (7 days ago)
This all started with this girl, who is a minor and will face no consequences. She videotaped herself selecting a quart of Blue Bell ice cream, removing the lid, licking the surface of the ice cream, and replacing the lid and the quart. There are now numerous videos of people licking ice cream and spitting in juice jugs, and ice cream cases with cable locks and signs instructing shoppers to get help from management. But tell me more about food deserts!
[Included a photo of a pretty African American teen wearing and expensive weave or wig, licking an ice cream container.]
So we will be stuck with:
-High security convenience stores, higher prices, less selection, extremely unpleasant shopping experience
-Membership stores (I am just waiting for a law to pass saying that all POCs may shop at Costco for free), limited selection but good quality and reliable supplies, "normal" shopping experience
-Highly secured boutique shops like Whole Foods (we also have some high end regional shops I would like to show you), in ultra-insulated gentrification zones which will face more and more challenges from oppressed individuals, spiritually enlightening shopping experience
Since I am a middle aged, (sometimes) white mom with a large grocery budget, I know that the shopping experience is important. You want to go somewhere that looks clean and organized, where the staff is in a decent mood, and where you will find 80% or more of what you need in any given week. High-end grocery stores are meant to be a luxurious experience, where you can gaze at gallons of highly perishable, freshly squeezed exotic juices and glory in your power as a consumer to take them or leave them. Quinoa is a grain that provides subsistence protein to some of the poorest people on earth, living in a marginal environment where Euros can't carry a pregnancy to term because of the altitude, but this is the (disgusting) ingredient that now needs to be included in our beverages and side dishes. Copious literature is available at the meat counter describing the living conditions of the livestock, including whether the animals' environment was "enriched" with toys or other diversions. The seafood is organized not only by species, but by its origin and method of capture. When you shop at Whole Foods, every living creature on earth is serving your appetite.
When my parents came to America in the 1970s, it was the neighborhood supermarket, with it's gleaming floors, mounds of produce from around the globe, open refrigerator cases, massive quantities of meat, and dry and canned groceries, that most stunned them and convinced them of the abundance and prosperity that America had to offer. It's fitting that the era of the supermarket is coming to a close along with the Empire.
The Ghetto Grocer Rising, Groaning, from His Milk Crate Throne
I mark the beginning of this High Tech Dark Age at 2014-15, when openly declared race purges erupted in a few American Cities and were then lied about by the media who characterized them as riots, then unrest and then uprisings, when they were in fact hunts by one group of citizens upon another sanctioned by the on-looking police and denied by the away-looking media. The declared #1 target of the Baltimore Purge was the Mondawmin Shoppers, which survived as the base of operations for the police and national guard, but is now closing 4 years later, s soon as the lease runs out.
Your articulation of the situation is accurate and compelling. I will add what I can below.
Food deserts have always been known to have been created by the following process:
-1. African American merchants cannot succeed in retail because they are blatantly pillaged by their employees and customers, who know that the "black" merchant will get minimum police assistance.
-2. Merchants of other races fill the gap and are then driven from business by racial hostility as "blacks" regard their presence as evidence of federal loan favoritism and violence drives up staffing and inventory costs beyond the capacity to absorb losses.
Food desert, in two easy steps, internal racial hostility followed by external racial hostility.
This situation, hostility towards retailers, will continue as America socializes as an embittered collective. I'll never forget 80 pound Miss Lily, the Vietnamese grocer who was tortured by a Baltimore Police Officer while a man looted her store. The irony is that retailers make almost none of the food money, getting .5% to the wholesaler's 6% and that the real fat cats are the manufacturers. Direct sales from wholesalers—with amazon actually being a wholesaler—and manufacturers will continue to wipe out retailers, reducing self-employment and employment as scale and technology further enslave the sheeple in this feed lot of souls.
I just watched videos of flash mobs in Philadelphia storming a Walgreens and wiping it out. This is good for Walgreens and other chains, because they can absorb this loss via their scale insulation while strikes against independent retailers will put them out of business with their trade swelling the scale insulation of the big chains.
The cult of Modernity always benefits from reduction in social variety, self-employment and employment as well increases in scale [including scale of opinion, with the more people sharing the same views expanding profits for large corporations by enhancing advertising effectiveness] and upswings in crime, crime being an industry all its own, an industry that frightens the sheeple and places a certain amount of the human wolves under system control in prison, where they remain as high value assets for economic exploitation and political manipulation. When this nation was being formed in prologue as Plantation America, it was common for all Western nations to employ criminals as soldiers, sailors and forced labor. Violent criminals are now among the most valuable micro-military assets in our undeclared and uncivil war.
Retail food as an industry is probably 30 years from extinction on the outside. Food distribution will steadily become more centralized under the control not of governments but of the corporate master class who own governments. Food delivery apps, creative food dispensaries secured like overnight bank ATMs, drone deliveries and volunteer food cooperatives will be among the variety of food wholesaling schemes that must bypass the now obsolete and doomed passive display of goods. The feral savages among us, all enjoying living standards superior to that of any ancient king, are reminding us that food should be precious and should require bloody hands to safeguard and acquire, and that our sissy forefathers doomed us to this waking day by their yearning to be nothing but well-fed and lie-soothed slaves.
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Bryce Sharper     Jul 16, 2019

"Retail food as an industry is probably 30 years from extinction on the outside. Food distribution will steadily become more centralized under the control not of governments but of the corporate master class who own governments."

I thought you described a way individual retailers could make money?

Le'ts think bigger by thinking smaller. 7-Elevens aren't going out of business. Why? They're owned by hard-ass Pakis who police their own property. This is the future of retail food: small-scale proprietorships. Lynn would probably love to shop in a clean, safe neighborhood grocery store run by its owners that sources local food directly from its producers. This is possible if we tweak farming a la "Urban Farmer Curtis Stone" and this guy:

This is inevitable as our "just-in-time" infrastructure collapses and this era of globalization ends in a violent, pestilent orgy like the last one.
James     Jul 17, 2019

There will always be a way for a guy with industry and imagination to make a book in retail food and keep some folks in work, but the retail side as a system is in big trouble—which, again, screams opportunity for some and headaches and heartache for most.
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