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7 Signs of Social Blight?
Crackpot Mailbox: Jase-Man Wants to Know—Part 1 of 2: Macro Signs
“James, I am familiar with the concept of anarcho-tyranny from the philosophical perspective. I wonder about the first warning signs that sneakers are on the ground. Media and political and police trends are easily tracked. But what physical signs announce the presence of anarcho-tyranny foot soldiers.”
Philosophy & Media Signs
Jase-Man, to be honest, I have never read the paper describing anarcho-tyranny, nor can I name the author. I have had some half-dozen well-read folks inform me that the conditions of government-supported criminal activity which I have described across a couple dozen books as a condition of living in Baltimore, Maryland are anarcho-tyranny. For instance, zero police resources in Baltimore City—murder capital of a continent—are dedicated to deterring crime against citizens in residential areas. However, the majority of police effort is spent protecting gang bangers from each other, with the second portion dedicated to fighting the drug war for the federal government in return for subsidies and the third portion reserved for protecting tourists, explicitly non-residents, many not even U.S. nationals. It is obvious to any rational mind that the BPD exists to support one-party rule and insure the flow of outside revenue to the criminal elite who manage the urban plantation of Baltimore.
As the first warning signs are often detected in the media, it is worth noting in what order the leashes of the criminal thugs and criminal police are loosened so that the dogs of the State may seek our throats.
-1. The first sign is engagement in The War on Drugs. Any municipality or county which accepts federal funds to fight the Drug War and cooperates with the federal police apparatus in any way, has declared war on its citizens as an ally of our greatest enemy, the ZOOMBIE OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT garrison which enslaves us to the international elite. Most American cities fall into this category and have since the 1980s.
-2. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, are given priority housing, licensing, aid and other forms of government support before locals. For instance, in Maryland, it takes twice as long for a “U.S. Citizen” to obtain a driver’s license or I.D. card as it does for a “U.S. person” meaning that those who do not pay taxes are given priority in the redistribution of tax revenue, which, in previous historical periods was the status of mercenary forces of military occupation in relation to the indigenous population.
-3. A media announcement or politician announces that the conviction of a youth for raping and murdering an innocent person, is a double tragedy, in that the murderer is also a victim in his own crime.
-4. Programs for gaining the early release of felons doing life for heinous crimes committed in their youth are put in place as a pardon for services rendered to the state.
-5. Police are directed to stand down in the face of naked criminal aggression, an announcement that these are allied forces.
-6. NGOs such as antifa, BLM and a host of yet-to-be-formed militias will be given police powers, with antifa given police powers in Portland and BLM in Baltimore in terms of authority to direct and stop traffic without explicit event permits. Indeed, Marylanders resisting BLM roadblocks have faced felony charges.
-7. The most ominous sign that you are a state-designated crime target is that laws are in place in your state and/or municipality that prevent you from walking the streets or driving while armed with defensive weapons such as handguns or swords.
A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland
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MRTAug 3, 2019

Jesus James , i thought you slacked lately but man this and the "13 Signs Of Suburban Blight" really hit it. I am of south European stock currently living in Germany and parts of what you describe i ve seen happening here and back home. I don't get it how people still believe the crappy Media and that they live in a Democracy , they don't have to search anything i mean everything is in front of them in plain sight.

Half black dude probably far leftist get's stabbed to death in a small city in east Germany by Arabs , people there not used to that freak out and take it to the streets as a protest, what does the far left , the left , the conservative right and the Goverment do? A party, a f.....n party to mock the residents in their city.

Did you guys know that motorcycle gangs like Hells Angels in Germany are mainly muslims ? That Arab clans are selling drugs , prostituting German girls , rapping and bragging about it (Youtube even promoting this crap) in Berlin untouchable by the State through some weird legalistic loopholes?

But you know what the State and Media tell me the Problem is? The Right wingers , yes even the one who had the Lesbian leader whith the poc girlfriend.

I ve lost most hope for them but sometimes , i think i see it in their eyes , they are gonna break James they are gonna break loose.
responds:Aug 5, 2019

Still trying to redeem myself!

At least I'm not a mystery meat dude getting sharia shanked in Germany!
Jeremy BenthamAug 5, 2019

“I tried to put my broken world into perspective and understand this new world about me. I systematically studied the literature the Russians made available to us. I listened to their lectures, I talked to German communists, I studied the books in our library by Marx, Lenin and Stalin. I read other literature as well, but I could not convince myself that Bolshevik socialism was anything more than a clever scheme to keep a small group of elitists in power. I felt that if Germany accepted their political system, we would be exchanging a bad system for a worse one.”

-From Soldat by Siegfried Knappe

FYI: The term “Anarcho-Tyranny” was first coined by white nationalist writer Samuel T. Francis, 1947-2005. He used it to describe a situation in which the government imposed terror on certain groups for any real or imagined transgressions of the rules, while granting license to act as they wanted to other groups. Historian Victor Davis Hanson borrowed this term nearly a decade ago to describe the social and political situation that had come to pass in his hometown of Stockton, CA.

“It is almost as if the more California regulates, the more it does not regulate. Its public employees prefer to go after misdemeanors in the upscale areas to justify our expensive oversight industry, while ignoring the felonies in the downtrodden areas, which are becoming feral and beyond the ability of any inspector to do anything but feel irrelevant. But in the regulators’ defense, where would one get the money to redo an ad hoc trailer park with a spider web of illegal bare wires?”

- “Two Californias,” (2010) ;

As Dr. Hanson has chronicled over the ensuing years, the regime of Anarcho-Tyranny in the Central Valley of California keeps become ever more oppressive.

California: The Road Warrior Is Here –Victor Davis Hanson (2012)

It’s Still a Mad, Mad California - Victor Davis Hanson (2017)

Mexifornia: A State of Becoming by Victor Davis Hanson

Keep in mind that while the term Anracho-Tyrrany is of recent origin the strategy itself is quite old. A variation of the ancient ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. We Americans tend to imagine that a police state must necessarily be crime free because the police will be empowered and motivated to suppress all common crime. Actually the opposite is usually true; especially of Marxist inspired totalitarian states. Under such a tyranny the police exist primarily to keep the government firmly in control of the society and are frequently indifferent to combating any criminal predation on the common denizens of the country, since such activity does not threaten the power of the state. The exception to this general rule was the Third Reich. This can be attributed largely to the German people’s general dislike for any disorder or untidiness. Outside of the Northern European peoples, as well as the Japanese, many other ethnicities are very tolerant of squalor, inefficiency and disorder. In fact creating, aiding and abetting crime and other societal disorder often serves the purposes of the Marxist state. Fomenting societal chaos makes the common people more willing to accept and even support the drastic and comprehensive changes the Marxists want to make a country. If the Marxists can persuade the wealthy to their side by protecting them from the chaos and loss of their wealth (at least temporarily, until they have complete control of the country), so much the better.
Jeremy BenthamAug 5, 2019

My bad. Dr. Hanson lives and works in the Fresno, CA area.
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