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'To Scintillate and Control'
Water by Lynn Lockhart
Ishmael sent me a couple of climate related stories that he asked me to share with you.
How many tons of ice melted in Greenland in one day in July? A whole lot!
This story informs us that wildfires occur in northern latitudes and ice melts in summer, but with a lot of alarming language.
You don't really need to read the articles above, but they triggered Ishmael because one of his areas of expertise is water, and the Gell-Mann effect came into play. Most of us have one or more topics that we really know - and when we read about that topic in the media, we notice how poorly the press understands it. The real problem is Gell-Mann Amnesia - when we read stories on topics outside of our expertise, we forget how inaccurate the other story was!
Read the rest of this expose of the media priesthood at the link below:
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