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'Swordfighting Now'
Crackpot Mailbox: Shep and Mailed Mind Discuss Sword Action with James
© 2019 James LaFond
Since all the cool kids are getting into swordfighting now, I wondered if you had ever heard of this “Who Would Win” event:
Butcher and the Goat
Aug 28, 2019, 1:16 PM (2 days ago)
Zup old Harbinger of the Hobo Tribe know, i tend to do alot of irrational shit over the days stalking the city by night looking for trouble that for some reason avoids me like a sick puppy. Most people do everything in their power to avoid physical confrontation, especially with someone that looks unhinged or behaves strange. Brutishness to bully the peasants into paying you tribute is one thing for the thugs and mafia dons who later became kings, yet the crazy rough warrior cult that dwells in the woods wrapped in animal skins of dogs and rats seems to haut the collective psyche of peasant and patron and priest alike. I still have a few days of jailhouse pension left on my ticket and to be frank i look forward to this like to some sort of vacation, not just because i don't have to cook for myself. There are less rules in jail because there is simply less stuff and everybody seems to be nicer to one another. On the outside everybody seems to be neurotic and pathological and bored and people bicker and fight with one another over nonsense cause nonsense is everything they have left. These people wander aimlessly in search for stimulation.
Anyway, check out this sick Katana Kill
Some Syrian cut his Kazachsomething Fugee Helper into pieces with a cheapass pressed steel Samurai Sword and nearly took his arm off. Tries to stab him and it goes through the body and bends on the concrete road.
Why does something cool like this never happen in my hood.
Check out how dumb cu’łt in video 2 tries to apparently talk him down.
And how Cargo Pants Guy fails his morale check.
Man, if I would see that in front of my window I would be so into the thick of it. The cops still have a rilfe+bayonet of mine, those damn thieves, but i could still muster some other sort of medieval instrument for physical removal. I hope whoever does this next has a thick piece of hait for a scalp and isn't baldy like that one where you have to make due with an ear.
Thu, Aug 29, 5:00 PM (21 hours ago)
...lets focus on the two videos.
In the first video the Male Voice is one of excitement while the female voice appears in panik, screaming, telling the man to call the cops.
In the second video the female appears rather easy around the samurai sword guy who just butchered a man. Maybee blade and blood cause arousal, while cargo pants is legging it.
-Mailed Mind
Who Did Win
Shep, I loved the historical account of 40 spics defeating 600 Japs and Chinks, including Samurai with the same tech level of weaponry. It appears that butchering Muslims in Iberia and Aztecs and Incas in the Americas made a better warrior than hacking up unarmed peasants and merchants. This reminds me of a regiment of French Foreign legion defeating 25,000 Chinese in Vietnam in the 1800s.
There's the best and then there's the rest...speaking of which...
The Combat Value of Paleface Pussy
I really do not like this website which combines pornography and gore. I don't like mixing sex and death. However, it was important for me to view the videos.
I viewed the finishing strokes in the first video from behind the car, which did not show the contact. There is no doubt that this Syrian nut is, as the Harm City Hoodrats would say, "Serious as sit!"
In the second video from above the finishing thrust seems to have hit the chest, maybe diaphragm. The man on the ground appears to have suffered defensive wounds on the left arm and right wrist and hand before Nutmed all but removed the left arm with a stroke that seems to have turned and slapped once entering the arm.
This is an illustration of what an important defensive weapon a sword is so long as you are willing to stroke, even if you have little or no skill, because it is hard to grab and snake like you can a blunt extension weapon. This guy would be maxed out against two determined unarmed men and probably stop one and cut up the other. But a man of the same stature with skill, experience and competition level footwork, could literally defeat a band of thugs.
This type of violence will continue to increase for the entire remainder of Western Civilization until we have finally achieved a sustainable level of barbarism. Serious self defense students must learn the mechanics of edged extension weapons as the Third World mudslide inundates our savage cities and sissy suburbs.
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