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I hate to say it but the 80s were a different country and different people. Today you'd have to fight them both, and both would blame you for starting it. Unfortunate, but it's where we are.
Don Quotays on Darrin
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Crux Cross Wonders About Nation State Suicide As An Ethnic Survival Strategy
Posted in Blog on Jul 16, 2021 — 851 reads
Satrap Of Kulakistan Sounds The Cracked Pottery On Neo-Tribalism
Posted in Blog on Jul 7, 2021 — 1361 reads
Devil Dick Fields The Ultimate Modern Question From A Member Of The Advent Master Class
Posted in Blog on Jun 28, 2021 — 1834 reads
The Crackpot Takes Bio-Mechanical Note Of The Most Momentous Event Of The 21st Century
Posted in Modern Combat on May 14, 2021 — 4027 reads
A Guest Article By Teutonic Fist
Posted in Blog on May 9, 2021 — 3752 reads
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Ishmael's recollections are given in his own words. The biographer's comments appear in italics and in verse.
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