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The Corporate Node
Crackpot Mailbox: Bryce Keys James on the Insidious Threat to Family
© 2019 James LaFond
Corps are obstacles to family formation.
CR Wiley was right. THe future is the job you create:
-Bryce Sharper
When my father became involved with two different start-up corporations, Impact International, and later MET Life, there was a real effort to include the family in company events. We kids didn't mind it and it seemed to be a workable compromise.
Flash forward two generations and my youngest son gets a job with a superbly modeled, growing company, who recruits all of their entry-level people from universities where they had members and associates and trusted contacts operating as mentors to take a prospect from university induction to corporate induction. Compared to the kind of atomizing, alienating corporations I had worked for on the bottom of the economy, and the rip-off artists who embezzled my honest father in his corporate partnerships, this top end model seems ideal, especially from the perspective of the fresh graduate.
But, I have noticed that this company, with its dedication to "being a family" no longer welcomes the entire family of a member to functions, but rather encourages attendance by the associate and their spouse or date, very much like a mother wants her son to bring a woman to the holiday get together. I do not think this is some kind of insidious method for replacing the organic family with a corporate family, but rather an attempt to scavenge together family values in service to the Cult of the God of Things from amongst the atomized human wreckage of cut-rate corporate "human resourcing" by our most responsible materialists.
The next step will be the induction by birth into a corporate family, as I described in Organa. This is where transgenderism is going, the ownership of humans by medical corporations, first from the point of transition and eventually from conception, the goal being the actual ownership of the materialist human soul by a corporation, completing four step cyclic of devolution from Church ownership, to state ownership to ideological ownership, to corporate ownership. The Church, in most of its forms, at least recognized the necessity family for human mental health, where other entities tended to evolve distrust of family.
We are currently entering into the phase of ideological ownership, as all of these layers of ownership interact in an inelegant dance of chattel transference. I see the corporate family rising on the backfire of ideological ownership of the human, which seems to induce severe emotional discomfort among nearly all ideologues. If our technological capacity continues on its course [highly doubtful] I see the negation of the human being by ideological ownership of the will [the entire current PC structure dedicated to this end] imploding into mass nihilism as the best quality humans are inducted into corporate families and the mass of humanity is left to twist in the winds of negation as a collective orphan, which will, of course, bring religion back into business on a more traditional scale.
In the end, whichever force manages to reconstruct authentic family bonds will rise the higher.
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