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Three Savage Tales
Three Fiction Books by James LaFond Just Released in Electronic Editions
© 2019 James LaFond
Since our fiction readers seem to prefer e-books and Kindle ripped me off for 11-cents last September and even falsified my sales records to accomplish this, our Web Master is making the most recent fiction titles available here in our e-store.
Dice the Scrounge is a Damned Fixer, a cursed man, denied rejoining with the Faceless God he serves in return for the enjoyment of the many vices that those he ministers to on behalf of His Unseen Omniscience have forsworn. Life at World’s End, in Yugra-Sahg, the Sacred City of Supplication, is good enough for Dice—until the cruel boot treads of the one called Phane, ruined the perfect game, and, of somewhat less importance, placed Dice on a transcendent path he could quite well enough do without.
Thunderbird is a collection of furious fantasy, science-fiction, horror and adventure fiction, with a common theme, that Civilization is evil, that its festering edifices of moral decay must fall, and that it will take more than a few bad men to finally put the bullet in the brain of the morbidly obese goddess who is cruel mother to us all.
The novella Thunderbird, Conceived by Ishmael Johnson
The shorts:
-Animal Control
-The Negotiator, conceived by Joseph Bellofatto
The vignettes:
-Goddess Altar
With short fiction by Riley Smith & Tony Cox
-Wacky Boy
-Blowjob from an Angel
-The Scarecrow's Last Stand
And the Filthy Few Auditions:
-Coconut Groove
In this sequel to Black and Pale [also published in print as The Jericho Bone], Yusef, having survived the Egyptian Famine of 1201, seeks passage to India so he can find the woman he once saw in a flesh house tapestry and make her his—his carnal quest aided by the weird creatures stalking him across the Sinai at some sorcerer's behest.
This omnibus edition includes the novella Fruit of The Deceiver (Book One: The Black Horseman), the novel Forty Hands of Night (Book Two: The Pale Horseman), the never before published vignette Seeds of The Deceiver, and the short The Song of Jeannot.
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