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‘One Creature at a Time’
Ode to a British American
© 2019 James LaFond
Back in April of this drear year this old asphalt ape was lucky enough to score a ride to the train station in Pittsburg Pennsylvania from a kindly Britisher who has made America his home and, based on the fate of his colonized and unarmed nation is concerned about the prospects of his adopted nation. The prospect of America lying helpless before the imported hordes which have been brought in by the Elite to make certain you Americans and your few morally incarcerated unpenitents, such as my vile self, are forever cowed and bowed before the handgun, sneaker, knife and machete of our newly assigned overlords, is too much for this fine fellow to abide.
You know, the man even clothed me with the shirt discussed in the accompanying video. I informed him that I’d like to thank him in writing and that if his political cohorts discovered that I was his friend it might hurt his chances in the future. He responded that he was up for weathering any question of his character, even a casual association with a known pale devil.
So here he is, a member in good standing of Firearms Owners Against Crime, a man whom has shared “a pint” with the Devil himself, from his business card:
Nigel Broadbent:
Politically Active Individual
Politics working From the Ground Up
Draining the swamp, one creature at a time
Nigel is on Facebook [Nigel Broadbent] and on Twitter [@Nigel_Broadbent]
Thanks, Sir, for the lift, the pint and the shirt.
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