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The Combat Space
Essence - Ring - Cage - Duel - Survival Paperback – October 18, 2019
In The Combat Space James LaFond takes the reader through five fields of the combat experience: Mind & Body, Boxing, MMA, Stick & Blade use, and postmodern survival applications from awareness to legal preparedness.
Thanks to Phil Downunder and Lynn Lockhart for bringing this book to print—my next to the last combat book.
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yusef of the dusk
black & pale
son of a lesser god
Ruben ChandlerOct 20, 2019

I'll have to check this out. I am particularly intrigued with the legal aspect. Hardly anyone considers this aspect. Earlier this summer Vivian and I had moved up a couple thousand feet in elevation to enjoy a cooler season. We were allowed to use the bbq cooker, usually used for events...even though it is just standard sized. We invited noone. About 20 people showed up and ate and drank everything we had. They stole my full plate of food when I went to get a drink. They stole a full magnum of vodka and a bottle of whisky. The next day the assistant manager's bf went nuts, screaming, yelling, stabbing a zillion holes in the hood and trunk of her car. None of the people went to help out. Finally when we heard the sickening slap of his fist on her face we went out with the escrima sticks and found the bf with a 9 inch kitchen knife, grappling with the 70 year old maintenance man. Vivian grabbed the guy by his shirt, flipped him on his back, placed the escrima stick across his neck, pinning him to the ground. He stayed that way until the sheriff came 30 to 40 minutes later. Cop said nothing about the sticks.
responds: Oct 20, 2019

A stick is just a stick unless it is weighted, wrapped, larieted, shaped like a club, etc. If its just a stick you can always refer to it as just that. Leave escrima out. Its for raccoons at the dumpster, snakes in the brush and dogs on the trail.

Good resolution!
Ruben ChandlerOct 22, 2019

The sticks do have cross hatched diamonds carved in them for some reason. Decorative I suppose but will remove the flesh from someone from a glancing the waffle head of a framing hammer. Hope most is well in E-ville.
responds: Oct 22, 2019

Decorative is key!
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