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Cascadian Living 2
Postmortem Hate Training January 13-19
© 2020 James LaFond
I am drinking 4 tablespoons cider vinegar a day
Monday 13
9:30-12:40: hiked up over the shoulder of the mountain, stopped five minutes for plyos and ten minutes for club training, left arm got numb so I headed back, snow was 2-4 inches
1:00 PM: 3 slices cheese, 6 slices salami, half bunch parsley
6:30 PM: 3 beers, 5 bacon-wrapped oysters, 1 cup dirty rice [did not like the way it made my stomach feel, experiment over]
10:00 PM: 1 ounce each pumpkin seeds, cashews, walnuts
Tuesday 14
7:30 AM: shoveled snow, heavy 8 inch pack
8:30 AM: Headed up the mountain to find a path to the top, eating 4 cloves of garlic I pickled last week first.
Hiked until 11:04 upward in the snow and got back to the trailer at 12:34. I think I did 1.5 miles an hour up from 1000 to about 1,700 feet and then did 3 miles an hour back down, which would net about 8.5-9 miles in 4 hours. Explored 4 dead end trails, the dogs flushed out a black tail deer that bounced to the road and off 10 paces in front of me, and discovered that the only trails that might give egress up the mountain begin at the logging equipment almost 3 miles in.
1:38 PM: 1 cup red cabbage, 2 cups celery, 1 cup broccoli slaw, ½ cup roast elk, 1 cup shrimp, 2 tablespoons cream cheese, 1 ounce of fried salmon, 4 tablespoons blue cheese dressing
7:00 PM: 2 ounces pork rinds, 1 ounce almonds, 1 like beer
Wednesday 15
Hernias bothering me, so just did house work and wrote.
12:30 PM: cup broccoli slaw, cup coleslaw, 3 ounces salmon, 3 french fries, teaspoon butter
6:00 PM: cup cauliflower, ¼ cup shrimp, 3 small egg rolls, half green pepper, half cucumber, stalk of celery, tablespoon cream cheese, ½ ounce hard cheese
Shep sent this fascinating link on paleo to modern diet effects on Aborigines
Thursday 16
7:15 AM to 12:04 PM: hiked up into the watershed and up onto the mountain in 4-16 inches of snow, broke boot—cracked across the ball of the foot
The dogs are German Shepard collie mix. The smaller, 100-pound dog, had trouble in over a foot of snow, told me I was a stupid ape, and insisted we head back, which was good since I didn’t know the boot was broken until we got down out of the snow…
5:30 PM: 1-ounce pork rinds
6:30 PM: 2 cups cabbage and sausage, 6 beers
Positional vertigo and loud ringing in ears
Think the numb pain in left arm and shoulder is from carrying the heavy walking stick because it’s showing up in right arm
Friday 17
9:00 AM: elk sausage patty, scrambled eggs with cheese and peppers
The Colonel bought me new boots and boot grease
2:00 PM: 1 beer
6:15 PM: 4 ounces salmon, 3 cups salad, 1-ounce pork rinds, 1 beer
Saturday 18
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: split wood
2:30 PM: 1 beer, refried beans, rice, beef at a Mexican eatery
5:00-11:00 PM: pork rinds, nuts, raisins and way too much beer, but it was light beer!
9:30-45 AM: plyos
12:44-1:34 PM: walked on level and downgrade, jogged on upgrade, ran on steep grades up to where the ice and snow retreated to and back down: 3.2 miles
4:00 -7:00 PM: 3 lite beers, cup of clam chowder, 2 cups coleslaw, cup pulled pork, cup pulled beef, ½ ounce pork rinds
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Goose     Jan 20, 2020

West Coast living is good for you James. A way better lifestyle, much healthier diet.
    Jan 24, 2020

Good food, good people, good times and even good dogs.
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