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Five Years and Done
Sons of Aryas: Soul of the West—Volume 1
I have just completed the first in a projected 4-part inquiry into the Aryan warrior tradition.
The book excludes physical methodology. That 300-plus pages was set aside to form a separate book, titled Might.
Sons of Aryas is:
117, 403 words
648 pages
Consists of the front matter, a select bibliography and the following sections:
Gods' and Heroes
Destiny's Exile
The War Bands
Warrior to Soldier
What Remains
Prologue and Epilogue
Thank you for your support in this endeavor.
Work on this project will consist primarily of reading and adapting epic poetry through 2020 and 2021, for the second volume Shades of Aryas. In that time my historical focus will be on the completion of the Plantation America project.
The third volume, Hounds of Aryas and the final volume Daughters of Aryas will remain in nebulous form for some time.
The companion volume Might, a narrative of heroics and combat methodology, will be arranged this year.
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