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‘Hidden Pages of Fate’
The Aeneid of Virgil, Book 1, Part 7
[Jove to Love]
Fear no conclave may reverse my law
My hand unwinds Fate’s cruel scroll
Your son will wage war before his recall
Breaking nations with Fury’s toll
Branding them with my eternal law
Then shall I draw up his soul
His son shall long reign
In power will wax his son
The ruler’s chair will remain
In the line of your son
Ilia Daughter of War shall bear
Two sons of the wolf
The strongest, Romulus, enthroned
On seven hills, seven towers
He shall father the Romans
At Rome the font of their power
To whom the world shall be bound
Mother goddess atoned Rome
Shall know the veil of her gown
They shall war far from home
Ripe Fate seeing Greece in their power
Vengeance for Troy
Rome the sower
Heaven the reward for hero toil [1]
Will raise Caesar Julian to power
His shrine stoked with eastern spoils
Rights divine holding him just
He shall ascend above as war boils
Then dearth word and vile war
Age of strife and iron
Roaring forge of gore
Shall fade the ringing of swords
Banished Faith restored
Vestal fires in hallowed temples kindled
Remus, with Quirinus shall reign
Fraud and force by law hobbled
Janus shall bar and bolt the dread gate
Binding in brazen chains furious Hate
High on a trophy of resting arms
The world spared his dire alarms
End 7
-1. Janus was the keeper of gates heavenly and earthly, the ender of wars, consecrator of peace and jailor of Fury, as well as two-faced deity of duality, a welter of concepts fairly beyond the modern mind.
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