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Strawberry Milkshakes
The Confession Killer, the Hoax of Henry Lee Lucas
© 2020 James LaFond
[written on December 4]
This six part Netflix documentary on the biggest case-closing sham in law enforcement history was riveting and kept me up until 2:17 AM.
Henry had a memory that was very bad, having temporal and frontal lobe and eye damage from his whore mother beating him as a child. After serving time for killing his mother as a mental patient, Henry spent most of his time working low end jobs and getting in minor trouble with the police in Maryland and Florida. Eventually, Henry ends up cruising around Texas with a big, murderous queer who sodomized him.
He eventually led a Texas sheriff to the remains of two women he killed. Then, miraculously, after copping to charges supported by forensic evidence, he morphed into the mastermind killer who left no evidence and confessed to killing almost 600 people in 8 years, mostly in Texas, at times when documents place him in Maryland and Florida. Henry did this for strawberry milkshakes and cigarettes.
Then ensues a 30-year nightmare for victim families and even a state’s attorney, who successfully won the largest law suit in history against a TV station, for conspiring with the FBI, IRS and Texas Rangers to put him in prison 80 years for the crime of questioning unsupported, spurious and unconvincing confessions refuted by solid evidence.
The “serial killer” professionals come out of the woodwork to point out that Henry was not the real deal, that all the others are, as the obvious clownish confession circus is exposed.
Of the 217 cases supposedly cleared by Henry’s confessions, 20 have been solved using DNA evidence of the accrual killers. Law Enforcement is not investigating any of the others.
This brings to mind what a boon the ‘serial killer’ industry is for Law Enforcement, for the apparatus of our social control:
-Serial killers supposedly roaming the nation hunting for the weak and unaware, support the notion of the benign police state as necessary.
-Once a man who has killed can be linked by method or other patterns to killings he did not do commit, law enforcement appears to be effective.
-Closing cases falsely further makes America more deadly as real killers stay free, effectively increasing reality-based terror to support the fantasy-cases for serial killing proposed by Law enforcement.
-The belief in serial killers as a kind of avenging demons of emasculation has the additional benefits of prejudicing the population against lone men who have been discarded from the economy and who are usually the crime victims of violence, rather than the perpetrators they are shown as, for most lethal violence is the result of group action by gangs and government. This increases social compliance among atomized men.
-Finally, the belief in serial killers as a kind of negative religious experience for the media altar-goers, has predisposed Americans to believe in spontaneous mass shootings in all probability staged by the government as a means of ramping up terror to a new level in a bid to get Americans to turn their back on gun ownership.
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WellRead Ed     Feb 18, 2020

One has to wonder how many "serial killers" have copped to multiple murders as a result of being promised better accommodations or privileges in whatever prison they are headed, while simultaneously allowing law enforcement to close out numerous unsolved murders.

It was my experience in North Dindustan that, in an attempt to decrease the murder rate on paper, a request was put out to area Emergency Rooms that any patient that died in the ER be listed as having died from Cardiac Arrest (if your bleed out, or suffer enough heart trauma from bullets, your heart will eventually arrest) Our Docs politely told the powers that be to fuck off.
James     Feb 22, 2020

Wow, I had a BPD cop say the same thing was being used in part for murder reporting in Baltimore last year.

Thanks for that wonderful note of defiance.
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