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Making Him Pay for Everything'
Crackpot Mailbox: An MMA Fight Featuring One of the Author's Training Partners
© 2020 James LaFond
Sean, who if his parents put him up for adoption, I will gladly take as a third son, recently put in the effort linked below, doing better with heavyweights as I thought he would, than with lighter classes of men.
I'm really proud of his continued drive to improve, his realistic self-assessment and mostly that he beat this big Rican's ass.
"Here is our fight videos. Definitely not a technical masterpiece on my part but I think you'll like it. Im also already down 10 pounds :) Lastly we both have trained against this but we have the habit of extending our lead hand as a check. Let me know what you think."
My thoughts will be below the video link.
Most importantly, Sean was gracious and respectful in victory.
I was stoked with him dealing with heavyweights because of his leg kicks. If Sean ever kicks me in the leg I want someone to call the metavac right away.
Things are usually uglier in execution than what you train. Let me point out three things that Sean did well against the big man Torres:
Leg kicks always work better against the bigger man than the smaller man because his own weight pressurizes his leg. Kicking a smaller man's leg opens you up for his scrambling take downs and it can be like swatting a fly with a hammer. Big men get hit harder. This goes for stick-fighting too.
Pronated straight punches angling over the top following leg kicks are ideal for the tall man with strong legs. Semmy Schilt built a kickboxing and MMA career on doing this to shorter guys.
Finally, overhooks work really good against an overweight fighter your height or shorter. Sean uses a boxing clinch game to good effect, partially because of his good hips, the damage he did to Torres' knee and Torres' own weight anchoring him in the overhook.
Extending a lead hand as a check is okay if:
you have the reach
you have the speed
you have the kicks
you have the height [you stood taller even if you were the same measured height]
you are a southpaw or dealing with one
You had all this checked off so it worked.
If you don't have 1 of the above don't do it.
If you only have 1 or 2 it will be dicey.
Good fight and great scalp.
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