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Dark Kangdom
Charting American Decline: Winter 2019
I have just finished arranging the text and writing front and back matter for my journal covering the final three months of 2019. The focus of Dark Kangdom is perceiving, preparing for and surviving the conditions of anarcho-tyranny. The case study for this, which encompasses half of the over 100 chapter, is conditions in the Baltimore Metropolitan area of the Peoples Republic of Maryland.
The text is 75,002 words at 414 pages in Baskerville Boldface, 12 point. There is a snowball’s chance in hell that my angelic editor will let that font stand, so don’t worry now.
Thank you all for your kind support.
James LaFond, 3/1/2020: 12:50 AM Eastern Time
I’m headed out for a celebratory beer or four…
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when you're food
your trojan whorse
god of war
son of a lesser god
of the sunset world

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