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Jack is Wondering What the Cracked Pottery Thinks of Domestic Military Designs on Paleface Autonomy
regarding this article I wonder if you have any opinions. It's by a retired five-star Marine general. It's like the hunt is really on for Whitey or just hunting brown people in Afghanistan got too boring.
"As commander of all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, I fought America’s enemies abroad. Now we must fight violent, hateful ideologies at home."
"Too many of today’s white-supremacist groups have taken unchecked strides to rebrand themselves as part of the contemporary political mainstream, emphasizing “heritage” or pseudoscience to mask their true, violent intentions."
I guess if one wears and a suit and reads Ernst Junger, that speck in the sky might just be a drone.
White-Supremacist Violence Is Terrorism - The Atlantic
For much of the past 50 years, white-supremacist groups were largely relegated to the fringes of American society, where they continued to survive, if not thrive, as a shameful artifact of history.

Okay, this Nazi bullshit is getting tired. But comic books and movies have spent a half a century making Nazi's the ideal boogie man for America. They need to cash that card in and monetize it in blood.
Now, before we go any further, since we are supposedly discussing an ethno-hatred group dedicated to racial purity of European Americans and the genocide of other Americans, note:
The first full figure to the right in the foreground hailing the long-dead Fuhrer is obviously Asian.
The first full figure to the right in the background looks like Malcolm X, is a mixed-race man of African ascent if I've ever seen him.
And, the center piece is a scary looking dyke bitch with triceps that make me look like a stick figure offset by an improbably nice rack of tits.
Maybe I could get hired for Nazi casting for these made-for-media Deep State photo moments?
Or, does extra casting entail diversity even if it muddies the message
Now, I cannot say anything so daft as to deny that there are hordes of grass roots Nazis in America, that Nazis in America, like the KKK are all feds, because that is the gambit. Trying to say there are no Nazis' because their asses got firebombed in 1944 or worked for NASA until they died of evil od age, is a way to accuse a paleface of being a Nazi.
The arch fiend of Neo-Conservatism writing this article may have been in The Stan to insure maximum opiate addiction in pale America and cheap access to Lithium for his masters, but he was war-gaming in preparation to suppressing dissent in Appalachia and the Rockies.
Every single brass service officer and most special operations soldiers who practiced their trade in the Middle East in urban or rural settings, were just honing the skills they will be called upon by their money masters to use against pale Americans when Washington has decided that the guns all need to be collected prior to the ghost genocide.
I am glad I don't own a gun.
I am glad I don't have a job
I am glad I don't have a home.
I am glad I have no nation.
And I'm really glad that I'm not white—I'm a negro don't you know...
Sir, this is so obviously manufactured fear-mongering that it is obvious, that the hunt is on.
God hunting!
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Bryce SharperMar 7, 2020

"Maybe I could get hired for Nazi casting for these made-for-media Deep State photo moments?"

That was probably taken from a movie.

From the FBI crime statistics, I calculated that the number of white hate-crime murders in 2017 was .2% of the total. They're making the "white supremacy" threat up out of whole cloth. I see this everywhere now. This might be some new government or academic initiative with more good money thrown after bad.

Martin Van Creveld said that since nation-states were increasingly unable to win wars abroad, they'd turn their wars inward. This will further de-legitimize them. So far, not only was John R. Allen incapable of winning any wars abroad, but he will likely just make himself a stench domestically exposing these generals for what they truly are. Almost every officer at or above an O-4 level is a worthless milicrat.
responds:Mar 7, 2020

keep praying for the U.S. military loosing combat effectiveness—because we meaning ghost Americans—are moving to the head of their list.
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