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Drinking in Philly with JR
Crackpot Mailbox: Ether Projection Devils in Conclave Discuss the Plight of their Greater Ken
© 2020 James LaFond
JR is a fellow woke devil and dark skulker who was kind enough to buy this old shade a steak dinner—via remote ways and arcane means—and engaged in the below correspondence and more, hopefully prompting the cracked pottery to write something in response worth reading. So, as we drank our real drink and savored our waiting-to-roast beast of iniquity, we two old grocers and pallid hoodrats discussed the chronological amplification of our demonized kind...
My comments are in brackets.

Re: dinking again in Philly.....
Thu, Mar 5, 1:57 AM (3 days ago)
Hey, I never intended to buy my way into a dialogue with you. But a couple shots of bourbon have me wondering about Soleimani who was both an alpha-male and an omega-male at the same time. In many ways, he was more shapeshifting and amorphous than a [fill in crypto-ethnicity], and able to make common-cause with historical antagonists. In other words, as a Shiite fundamentalist, Soleimani was able to present a pleasing face to Sunni Muslims and quasi-secular Arabs. Even Assad in Syria, a kinda Rainbow Humanist with Orthodox Christians, doctrinaire Sunni's, flexible Shiiite's and more obscure cults his constituency, was "touched" by Soleimani charms. I might be a jack-off, but when I see pictures of Soemeni, I bow my head. He was both alpha-warrrior and omega-synthesizer. That's why he had to be killed as a rare talent.
[I actually know zero about this guy and have not seen news for months. A combination of the alpha-and-the mega is a superior type. I generally am of the view that when we see this we are seeing an Omega thrust into an Alpha role, something that takes a special internal talent and rare personality projection to pull off. You could say that Samson, Saladin and Crazy Horse fit this model, as did Tecumseh and Sitting Bull. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull complimented each other so much because one had a great personality and an exterior view and the other was an exterior personality with the war-fighting status to socialize well with warriors in crisis. They were both killed by their own, betrayed, as was Tecumseh betrayed by his allies and Saladin was hated by other Muslims of the elite stripe.]
I think Cael Sanderson, an alpha-male among alpha-males in NCAA wrestling, who is left-handed. And I think Cael studied art as an undergrad at Iowa State. In any case, when I see guys like Cael and Soleimani who have the capacity to be both Alpha Males and Omega Males at the same time, I shit my pants. I don't even get jealous. I succumb to a real leader with over-arching capacity.
[I find comfort associating with these higher types, me being just the Omega and having no alpha impulse. Any leading I ever did was acting, pretending to be one of these guys. I work really well with this type and serve as a psychic cushion for them, somebody who understands that half of them that the other alphas do not trust.]
[Fill in irredeemable historic villain], bless his heart, tried to be both at once. He tried to be a straight-thinking Alpha-male with buck-male telos, and a lateral thinking Omega-male with artistic genius and broad feminine sway and suppleness at the same time. But [He] fucked-up. He fucked-up catastrophically because of his conceits.
[In my mind, this unmentionable figure was primarily a criminal to his own people, who he led into a one-way suicide pact. Those folks he slated as mortal and metaphysic enemies all grew exponentially in power after his demise, largely due to them having been perceived as having fallen victim to the greatest evil ever to stalk the earth. For me he rates much higher on the fool meter than the evil meter.]
You don't have to respond. Keep doing what you're doing. Just know that I'm here in Filthadelphia thinking of Soleimani and his incessant shapeshifting arc until the hour of martydom which he invited. Which he prayed for, on his knees, to put an end to his blurry game. In a way, Soleimani relished the truth that he was con, a con-artist, who's ultimate goal was to die for Muhammad and Islam. As Islamic warriors go, he was a mulit-faceted and multi-faced trooper who submitted on schedule. From initiate to master, from enlistee to to general, he was willing to die. He was prepared, in his soul, to self-sacrifice as an anonymous soldier or a famous icon and the ethic permeated his command.
[We live in a unique and submissively fanatic age where your admiration for a fallen enemy hero is heresy. This was not the case amongst crusaders, who held onto enough of their pre-Christian soul to recognize the high qualities even in their God-Ordained enemies.]
How the heck can we compete with such men? It's something that a pussy eater like myself, blushes to think about.
[Such men are best dealt with by undermining them, not competing with them. This is the strength of the West—even in its remnant form—that its universal aura of negation, its all-tarnishing touch, will besmirch and degrade all it touches with malice, all it embraces with avarice, morally diseasing friend and foe, master and slave. Think, a hundred years from now, would you rather have your descendants hold up in a mountain forest battling Jihadi or sitting around a circle of intersectional equality with genetically-engineered asexual teachers whispering into their minds that great grand daddy was the scion of an evil strain and that they are its redeemable stain?]
Maybe see you in May. You don't have to labor a response. I'm drinking bourbon and chewing nicotine gum and exposing a fissure in my own [insert irredeemable political perspective] and Anti-Islam thinking. Soleimani, a higher-sand[kang] as a Persian, was a world-historical man. A racial mongrel, yes, but a pure genius in overt and covert action.

Thank you, JR!
Your talk of higher order alienated thought brings to mind a more serious matter, the fate of Big-Headed Yakub! It is well known that, after constructing us "Blue-Eyed Devils" in the catacombs of Patmos 5,700 B.C. and then letting our savage ancestors out of our caves to rampage across the Ebon-Hued world, that he came back to the Pyramid of Life, took the last set of keys for the mothership and rocketed off towards the Dog Star, vowing to return when he worked out an answer to the riddle that is Evil Us.
There he went, streaking across the Middle Eastern sky, out of Holy Africa, in that 1954 Cadillac, painted the elemental hue of the white devil's own polished shoe.
My question is, has Yakub returned—or has the second coming been rendered unnecessary by the fail-safe he built into our Nendertoid brains, our propensity to slothful self-hatred and ancestral antipathy that emerges after every world-shivering success, as if our Creator meant for us to triumph only so we could fall the farther into the abyss that awaits us?
Below is proof from Shep that we might e seeing Yakub returning in the skin of a pale demon:
So are Jack Donovan's boys invoking their deity?
Thu, Mar 5, 10:37 PM (3 days ago)
Don’t know why it won’t open.
Just one of those paranormal shows with footage of some kind of ongoing atmospheric plasma phenomena in Norway.
1.Bifrost bridge opening to our dimension?
2.Military directed-energy weapon test?
3.Weird-ass power line discharge that nobody’s ever seen before and nobody cares enough to fix?
It’s fun to look at if you can find it.
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Bryce Sharper     Mar 8, 2020

"I generally am of the view that when we see this we are seeing an Omega thrust into an Alpha role, something that takes a special internal talent and rare personality projection to pull off."

Probably this. Soleimani was a persecutor of Iranian Christians and dissidents and a jihadist of sorts for the cause of the Ayatollahs. IOW, not an alpha. He got what was coming to him and is burning in Hell as surely as God lives.
jjprzybylski     Mar 10, 2020

I gotta be careful not to be a typically pale American and fetishize "the other". But I think Soleimani epitomized both mountain and wind. Unmovable as a landmark leader, but also fluid as the breezes.

It would be better if I studied such home-grown exotics as the American Indian. Warriors. Mystics. Warrior-mystics, too. But my dear-dear mother attests to having .000001% Cherokee blood so I'm repulsed by American Indian learning. It's interesting, by the way, how some colonial Caucasians met their moral betters, say the English in India, the Jewel of the Empire, without going native. Their reserve is an argument for class, not race, being a self-perpetuating principle.

In the "Crisis of the American Negro," Harold Cruse laughs at whites who think that inter-racial sex solves everything. He's especially humored by white women who think that laying down is heroic.

The world is a mixed-up place. I respect a cunning and elusive adversary like Soleimani who, nevertheless, takes a definitive stand.
James     Mar 10, 2020

Thanks for the food for thought.

The Caucasian Indian thing is so worn and religious that I cancelled my book on it.
jj przybylski     Mar 10, 2020

Well, I found your takes on the spectrum of Native American and Euro-American relationships, on the 3rd Rail podcast, to be very interesting. From inter-breeding in the East to merciless racial warfare in the West.

So you made the "Noble Savage" trope less numbing. And you made the "Evil White Man" trope less numbing too. I really like your takes on white men who actually went native and, rather than larping as American Indians, led them in war. I'm reminded of Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

Hold your cards for the moment. But don't forget you have real insight into white slavery in America, and its historical relationship with Native American tribes in the East who offered women, refuge and an avenging community.

Funny, how the World-Historical call for a man to remake himself in America should be taken-up by escaped caucasian slaves who reinvent themselves as Indian warriors and chiefs. As anti-plantation warriors and chiefs.
James     Mar 11, 2020

I'm putting a section on the white Indian thing in each of the three remaining volumes. I'd get lynched for sure publishing Paleface on its own—from both wings of society.
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