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‘Born Again’
The Exegesis of Phillip K. Dick: Part 2 of Postscript [4:103]
© 2020 James LaFond
“Born of water and spirit,” as was Jesus Christ, is a sentiment that dominates Dick’s second half of this postscript to Claudia. He strongly filters Christianity as a Hellenic experience rather than a Judaic and seems unaware of the riverine quality of the divine assigned by the ancient Hellenes and the early modern Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands, with numerous Greek heroes and athletes having been assigned birth of immortality via intercourse with rivers and sea surf or tidal pools. Interestingly, in the light of his image conjured below from Gospel is the fact that the great Iroquois prophet Deginawida [Two-rivers-coming-together-to-become-one] was the prophet of Hiawatha [He-who-makes-rivers]:
‘…Jesus spoke of being born again as being “born of water and spirit,” which is from two sources; two coming together, in contrast to being “born from the womb,” one source, one element. He was indicating a fusion. Water perhaps, indicated our own part, with the Other, the spirit coming down from above.’
Dick places his suspicions of interloping beings or angelic entities into context as declaring that veneration belongs to “the Builder Himself and His Plan,” and going on to suggest that “We would experience him as the powerful, gentle will within us, prompting us to move toward our other halves.”
He goes on to liken The Creator to Beethoven, composing elements separately and then bringing them together across space and time.
He believes he has gained a glimpse of The Logos shining through into him as the expression of a fractured yet divine instinct seeking its own completion.
Dick seems to have elevated his experience in his own mind to a place he can respect as a thinker and put forth to other thinking souls.
‘The Other’
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