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In the Shadow of Fright
Surfing the Pandemic on the Overton Railroad, April 11-21, 2020
© 2020 James LaFond
As with any book I post here as complete, it might take anywhere from a month to three years for it to be put in print or e-pub. But you could own a copy of my homonym-rich, typo-ridden draft which goes to Lynn tomorrow when I get to my email box, for whatever donation you think it is worth.

Copyright 2020 James LaFond
A Crackpot Book
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
In the Shadow of Fright, on the cusp of the darkly dawning Age of the Mask, the author makes his way from the Pacific Northwest into the insanity of the police state East, from a Portland that has become like Baltimore County, with police sirens blaring every half hour, when once a siren in a day was unusual. This book constitutes his observations, experiences, with dialogues and monologues, during his travels and sojourns across a nation dissolving like tears under a rain of fears.
This book is complete at 18,053 words and 151 pages set in Malgun Gothic 12 point.
Off to the Editrix it goes…
Overture 8
Starts and Finishes 11
‘Purchasing an Authentic Identity’ 13
I Get no REM Sleep at Night 14
What Good is a Big Head 16
The Truth about Toilet Paper 20
The Truth about Hand Baskets 29
‘Your Kin’ 32
‘Purchasing an Authentic Identity’ 34
Eye in the Sky 35
How Bad is It? 43
Maskland 56
Something I Shouldn’t Say on the Phone 59
‘It Was a White Guy’ 65
Yeti Waters 68
‘Cleaning Time’ 69
Ushers of Maskland 71
‘It’s Not the Time’ 74
A Dreaming God 81
The Sirens Blare Tonight 82
Yeti Waters Rating Women 87
Donning the Mask 93
Tooling Down 97
‘This is Apparently Their Airport;’ 99
Snow Everywhere, 102
Light Cracks the Grey Sky Ahead 104
He Sits Alone, 106
The Winding Ribbon of Green below 108
‘Amtrak is the Lost Art of Travel’ 109
Dale the Human 113
The Grey Sky Hangs a Dirtier Grey 118
The Front of the Viewing Car 119
A Country Reprieve 121
Winona, MN, 10:13 A.M. 123
Schwartz 128
‘Dis Nigga Work’ 136
Chicongo Blues 141
Chicongo to Pittsburgh 145
Epilogue 149
Starts and Finishes
books in progress
In the Crease of Might Complete
america the brutal
z-pill forever
the greatest lie ever sold
blue eyed daughter of zeus
songs of aryаs
the gods of boxing
logic of steel
advent america
NC     Apr 22, 2020


At events in China on Saturday and Sunday (4/18-19/20) headlined by Nicole Kushner Meyer, the sister of senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, wealthy Chinese attendees were told they could obtain EB-5 investor visas to the U.S. if they invested at least $500,000 into one of the Kushner family’s development projects. – NYmag

Apol 4 the off top, but I have the duty to post about the AC!
James     Apr 22, 2020

I did not read this.
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