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With The Myth of the 20th Century
And the Red-Face-Island War
© 2020 James LaFond
Some six months ago I discussed with Adam Smith coming back on The Myth of the 20th Century podcast. Adam, the author of Exit Strategy, wanted me to come up with a point of discussion and I suggested speaking of The Peloponnesian War as related by Thucydides and Xenophon and miss-interpreted by Cold War academics as a model for understanding U.S. - Soviet relations when it is a much better model for looking at postmodern American Culture War.
Well, Miss Lockhart set me up with a taping session this weekend with Adam, Nick, Hans and Hank, and I am not yet done annotating Thucydides, something I arrogantly thought I would do on my cross-country train trip until I found myself writing 16 chapters in an Apocalisp book from my travel encounters.
So, although I am now back online, with the exception of The Third Rail and the Myth 20 recordings this weekend, I will be sequestered in Punky's wine cellar, delving deep into the war between innovation and discipline, thought and silence, spear and oar and not be posting again until this coming Monday, April 27, when I will begin posting on The Red-Face-Island War.
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Tony     Apr 25, 2020

Just started Thucydides the other day. Can't wait to read your posts on the Peloponnesian war!
James     Apr 27, 2020

I did the first 15 chapters for Hounds of Aryаs and will do 16-26 for Daughters of Aryаs. thanks for the support, brother.
Jean D     Apr 26, 2020

Hey James, I like your appearances on The Third Rail, been checking out your site. I always hang on every word when you appear on that podcast.

Also you said you had a problem with potassium, check out the Snake Juice diet from Cole. I've been fasting 72 hours, and 60 hours every week, I eat 5 meals a week. The fasting days I drink Snake Juice, basically water with Pink Himalayan Salt and No Salt, I drink about 1.5 litres a dat, 1.5 tsp's of No Salt (tons of potassium) and 3/4 of Pink Himalayan salt. You can up that with more salt and water if you're sweating more.
James     Apr 27, 2020

Thanks, Jean.

Will use this—I already have the gay salt!
NC     Apr 29, 2020

Can't wait to hear you on tMot20C!
James     Apr 29, 2020

It was so nice speaking with Adam, Nick, Hans and Hank—real good guys.
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