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Apocalisp in Print
Memoir of American Decline March 2020 Paperback – April 26, 2020
by James LaFond (Author), Lynn Lockhart (Author)
Written during the corona illness meltdown from March 7, through March 31, 2020, documenting the experience of a writer working in the most sissified pale flight zone in Postmodern America, and his editor in another West Coast sissy zone, as a supposedly great and unequalled civilization fails in the face of an uncommon chest cold.
Lynn, thank you—the book look is perfect.
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Ruben ChandlerApr 28, 2020

Wow.......that looks super for real. Lynn does great too of course....
NCApr 30, 2020

Alt purchasing location. Really, try to not buy from AMAZON period.

Of course my trojan whorse fails to comply!

I didn't see it on this websites book store. But I've been known to be blind from time to time.
responds:Apr 29, 2020

We have very few ebooks on this site.

the webmaster does a week of that work a year then its all my dumbass.

we don't do kindle either.

if you wat an epub email Lynn.

If you want a pdf email me.

pay what you think is fair.

the only way for me to make money on physical books is amazon. there are alternatives but not that can put money from you to me.
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