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In the Crease of Might Complete
Surfing the Apocalisp on the Overton Railroad: Pittsburgh, April 22 to 30 2020
© 2020 James LaFond
At 15,794 words and 128 pages set in 12 point Malgun Gothic, another Overton Railroad book is done with the following table of contents, off to dear Miss Lockhart and her pack of dire proof readers.
16 of the 33 chapters have or will be posted on the site with the others confined to the book and kept at home to keep the author safe.
I Am Drinking With a Gay Giraffe 9
The Third Rail 12
They Call Him Yeti Waters 15
Crack Man 18
Shamdemic Winner #1 27
Carbon Mike and Sifu Jewell 29
With The Myth of the 20th Century 39
Maskland Chronicles Begin 40
'Hebros' 46
Ghetto Grocer in the Meadow 48
Best way to handle street window washers? 55
The Submission Instinct 62
Bodyshop Heroes 66
P.I.G. 71
‘Just a Statistic’ 76
Hello Sir 81
Punky 82
‘It’s Like Waking to a Nightmare’ 85
Joe Kansas 88
‘Maintain Social Distancing’ 91
Emily 95
Wagecucks on Parade 97
The Jab 104
A Gentleman's Rapier 105
Giant Eagle 109
The Tweet Was Naughty 111
I Can’t Take This Jay 113
Deganiwida 115
This Virus 117
The American People 118
Jennie 121
The Doorbell Rang 123
The Red Dot 125
In the Shadow of Fright
books in progress
Shamdemic Survivor
son of a lesser god
blue eyed daughter of zeus
fiction anthology one
advent america
the year the world took the z-pill
when you're food
orphan nation
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