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Meat-Puppet Mopheads
A Heads Up Martyred Scientists and Gates
© 2020 James LaFond
Below my friend Banjo sends some science-fiction source material for my near future stuff. I have, since 2012, been writing about a future in which medical-financial-law-enforcement corporations control human reproduction as well as physical and mental alteration for the benefit of a tiny elite.
If it will come to pass depends on many things, such as not being hit by a comet, not going into another ice age, avoiding a comprehensive system failure. However, if fiends like those that now own the infotech companies and banks manage to gain control of hospitals and law enforcement—in fact some hospitals have their own armed police—then we will see a day when an admission on a skype doctor visit that you have a house guest who came from a political pandemic zone, may very easily result in your door be kicked in by some goon such as Tray Sorenson, the protagonist in Organa.
Organa: The Malfunction of Tray Sorenson
Thanks, Banjo!

I am trying to find an up to date list of dead microbiologists because most are dated but they display a pattern that is probably being repeated.
Consider that scientists are the new priest class in this world. Those that deviate from the dogma and potentially call into question the power broker's plans will be replaced as they are the new heretics.
Check out the Corbett report 4 parts series on Gates. Episodes 377-380.
Take good care,

Do note that a virology doctor looking into a cure for the current political pandemic was slain a month ago in Pittsburgh under very suspicious circumstances. I would further like to point out that this is all science-fiction and we are just having fun here…
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NC     Jun 1, 2020

THe oldest sci fi book store in th eUSA burned down Fri nigh tin mpls.

6hr 15 min in.

At the CW epicenter
    Jun 1, 2020

Sorry to hear, but all private businesses are slated for erasure. That is what this is about. it is a corporate initiative—the old sci-fi guys would at least be able to understand why.
nc     Jun 2, 2020

I know, just would like everyone to wake up to the pharaohs.
    Jun 2, 2020

It would fry their brains. they must slumber on.
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