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Crackpot Podcast #80
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The last time I had regular wyfy hookup was in January, which was the month that Lynn recorded six or seven podcasts. When I did one on the flip phone 14 months ago people complained at the poor sound quality.
So, although I really like speaking with the silver-voiced lady about this realm of shadows and lies we wander in separate and alone, it is probably not going to happen again until August.
I would also note that I did stay two weeks in Baltimore last month and was tracked and observed by 3 individuals in two vehicles for over an hour one day. So, in order for me to do a podcast while on the east coast I would need some one to facilitate that in terms of location and device.
So please, don't hold Lynn culpable for my absence.
This is the life of a hobo and it is not conducive to podcasting.
Also, I can't view YouTube or twitter anymore, due to something I don't understand about computers. So don't bother sending such links.
Take care out there in Maskland.
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