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Cadre Cycling
Cy Citron and the Crackpot Discuss The Logistics of Anarcho-Tyranny Implementation
© 2020 James LaFond
Baltimore is a mid-sized city and it is where Anarcho-Tyranny was first implemented in America. Effects in smaller and larger cities may well differ from what was experienced in Baltimore.
Fergussen was a test run for some cadre mechanics.
Detroit did it to itself.
2015 Baltimore was a coordinated DOJ, BLM, Antifa, BGF, DNC and Crip-52 operation.
A key aspect to the implementation of this regime is the declaration of peaceful majority protest against injustice and then a period of healing.
My poor mother buys all of this bullshit hook, line and sinker, as almost all women and most men [being sissies] will. We are now in the phony healing phase, which, in Baltimore, simply initiated a reign of murder that has heaved and crested for the intervening half-decade. The idiot masses only see what is put before them.
Some sentient souls have survived the hijacking of the American Mind and one of these, from an east coast city, sent me the email below, a message which illustrates the methodology of media tyranny, for anarcho-tyranny must have nearly comprehensive media support, and begs a few logistical questions of scale.
I inserted [r] were I redacted locations—the news out of NYC playing in the background as I write this is about racial slurs being punished...

12:14 PM (4 hours ago)
Some of my thoughts to a friend a few minutes ago that I thought you might be interested in; he asked how things were in my neighborhood:
“Basically secure. The cops blocked off traffic at [r]th and all the bridges and tunnels, and made a few other good moves. But it’s definitely being scouted by the ebony and probably by the antifa too.* I’m going out now to get some supplies. I figured the Rona was over and started depleting my back up, but I’m thinking I’ll stock up again. Plus stores are closing earlier, so the shopping window is narrowed. I think possible next escalatory steps include: arson of unoccupied buildings or buildings that look empty; townhouse burglaries; daylight muggings; beatings of solo ghost people; false flag sniping of ebons at night to incite them more; suburban forays —although I think there’s a political element that wants the visual of the ransacking of rich townhouses/apartments on like [r], [r], and [r]th. So I’m guessing the antifa commissars and their ebon mercenaries are arguing right now about whether to continue joint operations to tree the UES or let the mercs cut loose and use the element of surprise on Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and northern New Jersey.+
[They've been hitting us don here for days.]
*addendum/explanation: on Tuesday early afternoon I saw a cyclist in the neighborhood who pinged my gut feeling —he didn’t look like a delivery guy, back pack too small, didn’t look like he was exercising, as he slowed to a stop on a corner and looked around.
In late afternoon a few thousand protesters went up [r] Avenue. I walked down [r]nd a bit and back up [r]st. It was like that scene in sicario where the convoy is heading back to the us; looked and felt like that crowd was being shadowed surveilled. But the shadowers and surveillors were being checked out in turn. Saw small 3-4 man groups of ebons on foot on side streets going to and fro perpendicular to the main body of protesters. and other bicycle guys who looked too under-equipped to be delivery guys. Then I saw on second an SUV of ebons heading downtown with the passenger using his cell phone to, it looked to me, tape or film a restaurant that was open and selling drinks to ghosts on the sidewalk. I took that to be possible location scouting. Like, check this out, that place isn’t even boarded up.
So as a general tactic, I speculate—well this is gonna sound bleedingly obvious, but that the “protesters” main force is used/deployed as a provocation/distraction to allow targeting of opportunity nearby. Which is definitely how some merchants understood it, in my opinion. Guys were boarding up shops on [r] ave _as the march went up_ a block parallel.
+I’ve been thinking there an OODA loop aspect. Because each morning this week feels like, well, glad that’s over, and then the day just slowly heats up.
I mean ghost people were drinking on 2nd Tuesday at 5 oblivious to what was coming uptown. I was oblivious until like 4.

I want to get this report right so Im checking my memory again re:
“Saw small 3-4 man groups of ebons on foot on side streets going to and fro perpendicular to the main body of protesters.”
I walked east on [r]rd street from [r]nd and then up 1st and saw possible scouts on foot and on bicycle, then walked west on 88th and saw a small group of 3-4 and then a larger group, both heading ... I can’t recall if both were heading west on that block, but I recall the small group and the larger 6-8 group on the side streets.
I don’t know if I’m being over scrupulous or naive in checking for specific scenes in my memory, but figured you’d want to know. I have zero experience surveillance something like this. Apologies.

You did good here, Cy.
Before the year is out people dining on sidewalks and other outdoors venues will be targeted for mob attacks just for being affluent enough to eat out. Many of the attackers will be out of work servers.
Don't go out to eat or drink.
Pack-up with friends to form a buying co-op by which you escort each other and make fewer total shopping trips.
You are looking at a purge which may well never end, but will go on at the minimum until elections and definitely for 4 more years if the Orange Man survives.
Cy, stock-up always.
Rolling supply chain shortages are going to serve the System to control that huge metro area you are in. November will be insane.
Bicycle scouts were key in the 2015 Baltimore Purge and have remained important in developing expanded crime networks since.
Delivery trucks are no so common they will be serving as logistical support for Deep State actors.
The NYPD is still pulling in more force, so it is probably worse than the mayor is admitting.
These riots, if they stick with the Baltimore model, should run their course in 10 days and then give way to a continuous amplified criminality, which should result in doubling violent crime from here on out.
New York might be different. That city is the only one in the nation which has been able to reduce crime on its own without federal aid. Normally, the unrest will run its course and destroy enough social cohesion to trigger a 100% increase in crime, which is very important for maintaining order, to have the vast mewing herd of demi-humans threatened from all around.
I theorize that the command and control and special teams cadres that ignited the Baltimore Purge, were pulled after 10 days in order to start operations elsewhere, but more importantly, to avoid identification by local law enforcement. Because New York is the capital of the world and its police department is the 7th largest military force in the world, you might see a regular rotation in and out of purge cadres.
Remember, that the peaceful demonstrations and riots serve the same purpose, which is to tie down cops so that surgical strikes against high value assets can be made. I am currently in a posh area of the Eastern Seaboard where peaceful protests in nearby towns serve to cover car theft and looting elsewhere.
The battle is over in moral terms. The criminals have been installed as martyrs in the American conscience and the police will put up a show and guard select value targets. Remember that everything they guard will be of value to the elite and the purge will continue for weeks, months and years at a more sustainable pace, which gives the hardworking criminals a reasonable work week.
I suggest using my books Waking Up in Indian Country and Thriving in Bad Places as manuals for negotiating the new force continuum that is being installed.
Take the long view.
The reset button has already been hit.
The protests and all of this other bullshit, including the shamdemic, are just human herding methods employed by our overlords who are dedicated to reducing us to pod-dwelling sterility and ultimate replacement.
Do not trust the cops.
When the police departments turn the corner internally, then concerned citizens reporting criminals will begin to be targeted by police for punishment. You can't really know when the NYPD will switch sides operationally, because they are a false façade to begin with.
The police are NOT fighting against the New World Order.
The police ARE battling for their place within the New World Order.
I suggest shopping with an ally.
Both of you pull your money and go to a location, one shopping and both carrying the supplies home together. Reduce your number of shopping trips and increase your haul. Shopping will eventually become a combat operation when the thugs settle into everyday crime patterns. In the meantime, you need to resupply ahead of the curve. By October make sure you have food and water to last through May.
The best network you can develop is a resupply team, treating every grocery run like a military operation in and out of besieged areas.
Good luck, Cy.
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