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Harpy Haj Complete
© 2020 James LaFond
I just finished 14,159 words of impressions and observations on the reordering of America back along plantation lines over 80 pages.
I will now try and devote myself to fiction and history until this rude world intrudes.
The table of contents—most of which has been posted online, is copied below.
Eye in the Sky 3
A Personal Declaration of Independence 4
What Are Your Thoughts on the Minneapolis Riots? 6
PIGs without Shame 11
Alabaster Frost 15
Shamdemic Unrest 17
Why Is Ebony Baltimore Not on Fire? 18
Crackpot Podcast #80 24
Birth of a God-Fearing Nation 26
The Good Old Days 29
Video Branding 31
The Big Man 35
Military Awareness 37
M@$k$ 57
'The Iron Dildo of Diversity' 61
Cadre Cycling 64
Crucible 74
World of Twisted Words 79
Dust Cover
The sin of a nation, the crime of ancestors, has been released from the bottle of Hate held by the puppet-masters of the Media State. Hate allied with fear is enough to overcome all reason even in a rational age. But in the post-rational age, this age of delusion, the System of Control has—through pandemic and anarcho-tyranny –come to the realization that there vast human herd is ripe for compliance. A new morality is due to be installed by the media. What follows is one oddball man’s view of the unravelling of a frayed world and the weaving of a new world on the sharp-edged loom of civilization.
Emasculinity to Infinity
books in progress
My Last Boxing Manual
of the sunset world
yusef of the dusk
winter of a fighting life
when you're food
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