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Mechanical Shadows Part 2: Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Somebody was watching me yesterday.
Perhaps it was just some team, whatever they are, that have been observing foot traffic in the area. Maybe Baltimore County narcs, and that they have no idea who I am?
To test this I am not going to practice any evasion but walk the very same route earlier this morning today than I did late in the morning and early in the afternoon yesterday.
After speaking with Ron I’m much less fearful for my personal safety and just concerned with not giving away my safe house location for the lady’s sake.
Yesterday I walked that route—which is a pipeline for some kind of drug that I have seen a young white dude in a beater make to this neighborhood from Steve’s neighborhood a couple years back, from 10:30 to 11:30 A.M. and from 12:35 to 2:00 P.M. Pigs generally work standard shifts in Baltimore City and County.
I leave at 8:30 A.M. and I’ll see what morning brings.
It’s 5:30 A.M. out and the birds are chirping: sparrows, and starlings and the robins, with the latter very much more prolific in Baltimore County than in other parts of the nation I have visited.
Walking in 42 degrees was pleasant out of the County and into the City.
Traffic was very light, about at Sunday levels on a Tuesday morning.
Deciding to trace my exact route in case the three observers were simply narco cops looking for drug traffic, I took a few pictures I missed—then it occurred to me. This morning there were only a dozen vehicles on the Marine Reserve Armory lot. Late yesterday morning there had been 24.
After talking to Ron and sorting my various observations I was sure that the same black pick passed me, circled around and then waited for me.
I am also fairly certain that the pickup handed off observation of me to the individual in the grey sedan, but not 100% certain like I was with the truck. From the distance I saw this truck just before seeing the gray sedan it might not have been the same truck. I just can’t be sure.
I am sure that the two men following me in the black pickup in December were in an older, more beat-up truck than this one.
So, what are the possibilities, keeping in mind that there may well be no connection between the two.
-1. Least probable: Feds, who have sophisticated means of locating me and knowing where I would hole-up.
-2. Remotely probable: Cops who are pissed at me for writing shit about them, but who would be unlikely to pass-up the opportunity to eye-fuck me on their turf, also highly unlikely.
-3. Unlikely: Some NGO goons who might want to stalk me and make me uneasy in preparation for threats or proposals of cooperation down the line.
-4. Possible: Internet stalkers just messing with me who have managed to get a single address [where they staked me out in December] because it was my billing address, and know I frequent the oaks when in Baltimore based on my association with Jim Frederick’s Kenpo, the Raven Inn and numerous articles I have written about dealing with dindus there. The fact that they have no balls to even eye-fuck me argues for this, that they did a hard U-turn away from me when I stopped and regarded them head on from a block in December. But still, two men bespeaks some organization, not just a creep, and if there is any association between yesterday’s incidents and December, well, that is up two five operators. However, I find no compelling evidence that these two incidents are connected unless they are the following.
-5. Likely: Routine narcotics squad [possibly a joint City-County Task Force] looking into the drug trade between Hamilton and the Oaks, run by the generals, who are still active. I have seen much of this pipeline in my walks and have been targeted for sales and intimidation by operators, including two Latinos who were trying to get in on the Generals’ drug market—and on that very night a pickup truck was shadowing me from a distance at night and I could only tell it was dark. This was just a few nights before the black truck was waiting before the safehouse that serves as my mailing address which I no longer use. I am the only ghost man traversing that zone at night and do it during the day also. I may have just been an incidental person of interest due to the fact that the bantus were granting me safe passage. I find it likely that the first pair of men in December were these types, and that yesterday’s tracers might be, but may very well not be, because...
-6. As I noted the place where the truck awaited for me from across the armory, I noted that the unit was at normal strength for a weekday and not doubled-up like yesterday. I also recalled, that on my way into Hamilton that I stopped and took a picture of their unit board. I think it at least likely and maybe even probable, that the two figures in the truck and the figure in the grey sedan [which may or may not have been men] might have been dispatched from the armory just to see what I was up to. What are these fuckers doing with a staff of at least 24 indoors during the only plague to ever afflict humanity? Maybe their commander just wanted to make sure I wasn’t someone gathering intelligence and they posted up the way they did and departed west in both instances, to dissuade me from inspecting their equipment parked behind that same iron fence on the west side of the building.
I think it is most likely that I witlessly ran afoul of narcs in December, who figured I was not a drug currier or buyer when I turned to confront them and that I might have worried the local Marine reserves by nosing around their compound and taking a picture yesterday.
So, I stand self-chastised but cautious. The other potential observers, particularly the NGO guys, might be a real or possible risk. I have decided not to bitch-out of Baltimore a week early as I was thinking yesterday. I mean, these fuckers ran from me in all three instances, even if they were all working apart or together.
My biggest risk will be walking $1,200 in cash down to Megan and Emma over 8 miles of suburban road into White Marsh on Friday. I expect not to be followed, at least not by anyone amateur enough for me to spot them, and If I am, I will consider one of the less likely threats. If these are cops they will know I’m just some weird hobo when I take that walk. However, I am fearful of being attacked and robbed by cops at lonely times.
The upside is, that the bussed in yutish warrior threat that was so rampant across these areas of Baltimore County before the Dread Minus hit, is now nonexistent. Overall, I expect a safer than normal trip, especially considering the greatest risk, which is crossing three busy highways on foot. Traffic is at about 10-20% of normal.
Today was a bonus day: defended a river line south of Anzio against the British and Canadians, walked 4 miles, did 40 minutes of dumbbell super-sets, sparred with Badsmitten for 45-minutes and am now writing while the land lady plays the piano.
Nine more days in Baltimore sounds doable.
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