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Emptying the Knucklehead Bordello
© 2020 James LaFond
Professional prize-fighting as a well of masculine potential is a pit of filth best avoided.
Moral cowards abound in all professional sports, because each and every sport requires a man to do what he loves about being a man to his utmost in service to the non-athlete, as a veritable slave or disposable hired man to a money master. It is simply lethal meat-puppetry.
View the James Caan movie Rollerball for a clear fictional depiction of this actuality which is older than Rome.
As a coach and a fighter I have learned many things from prize-fighting, from viewing fights in person and on video. The lessons are preserved in film and in action.
The Romans classed gladiators with actors and whores, as sub-moral beings. This ethos existed even as they named virtue as the masculine expression of the brave warrior. They had no prejudice against the combatant and admired the gladiator for his courage and skill, but rather despised his enslavement to a money system. So, expect most athletes to totally cuck-out, sell-out and roll over. They might have great bodies and minds well-wired for combat, but they are just slaves and rarely possess higher levels of bravery.
It is not often that I suggest an economic action from this tiny window into the collective soul. But I am doing so now.
To the men I coach and train and write manuals for.
Please, do not ever pay to watch a prize-fight.
Refuse to view female prize-fights.
Silently boycott every combat arts coach who cucks to the POZ.
Watch fights for combat lessons after they have been posted for free or steal the view. You have been named a criminal of an ill-defined privilege due solely to the condition of your birth and the tone of your skin, so begin thinking like a criminal.
Prize-fighting is a whore house where men may preserve warrior skills in service to the sissy spectacle during soft ages.
But warrior skills used to serve higher ideals than money and bragging rights. It will need to be so again, sooner than any of us might have thought. And with this dawning age we should train in secret, deny money to the combat arts whores, box in basements, fence in empty lots and alleys, grapple in the yard and form true masculine combat fraternities. This was how it was done for half of the history of this great and vile nation, with dueling outlawed at its inception and boxing and other forms of masculine resistance, such as MMA, outlawed in almost every state for almost the entire history of this nation. Only recently in the final phase of degeneration, has The System permitted widespread prize-fighting. The reason is that it coopts the masculine warrior tradition and channels it into a diversion for the sissy masses.
Almost every fаggot that watches an MMA or boxing bout, is just there for negation, to bear witness to a man better than he falling.
I hope that MMA and boxing promotions and major league sports begin to go out of business. More importantly, I’d like combat arts practitioners to abandon the whore ethos of the slave fighter and train with men who simply want to protect their home, family and church.
In terms of combat arts doctrine, I would also like to see a focus away from 1-to1 unarmed victory, as such combats are now extremely rare outside of ritual contexts and see a refocus upon the ancient warrior arts of:
-1. Non-firearm weapon use against armed individuals, and against groups of armed and unarmed aggressors and/or occupiers [1]
-2. Ushering and otherwise protecting non-combatants in open society and in household and sacred precincts
-3. Empty hand survival against hand-weapons and groups
-4. Counterattacking with empty hands against sucker punches, bum-rushes and arrest attempts [2].
-1. Continue to fantasize if you like. But, using a firearm to defend against non-firearms threats will bring down elite police, paramilitary and military action against you and yours. BLM and Antifa and various Military Contractors are going to be granted police powers in some strongholds. Additionally, federal police forces will be dedicated to suppressing firearms use in rural America. If BLM shows up with guns, you need to hose them down and then face the fate of Ruby Ridge, John Africa, Gordon Kahl and Waco. If BLM and so forth show up without guns, then they are just trying to get you to use your guns so that the ATF can be called in.
-2. An age is dawning in which open season has been declared by the masters of the police on only one group of people. Training and otherwise gathering of more than two palefaces [unless agents of The State or agents of the POZ] will be an explicit or tacit crime in most population centers at some point in the 2020s. The ability for one of us to effectively resist arrest while the others scatter, is a skill that will need to be learned. There is no reason why we can’t be better rats than the hoodrats.
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Denise     Jul 10, 2020

Which of your books do you recommend a woman read to prepare for what's coming? I'm especially interested in what you mentioned in Notes 1 and 2. I'm particularly worried about the authoritarian direction I can see coming. I live in a particularly Conservative state that is protecting Constitutional Rights at the moment, but I could see the feds interfering at some point.
James     Jul 11, 2020

Thriving in Bad Places.
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