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Affrighted Man Affronted God
Corruption of the Social Order in an Age of Mass Delusion
© 2020 James LaFond
Our society, that is the westernmost remnant of Western Civilization, is built upon three principle lies:
-1. 1215: That the Magna Carta was a king’s concession to the rights of the common man, when any critical reading of the text demonstrates that the King abdicated his responsibility to protect the common man and also severed his connection with God, in order to permit the elite to despoil the common man. [1]
-2. 1776: That the American Revolution was dedicated to the liberty of the common man, when a critical reading of the founding documents clearly finds that said revolution was a revolt of the elite, won with the blood of the common man, in order that the elite would maintain his “liberty” to despoil the common man. [2]
-3. 1868: the Fourteenth Amendment, like the other foundational documents of the Modern West, is claimed to have outlawed slavery, when the brief and direct language upholds the institution of slavery, so long as the slave has broken the law, which had been the basis for the majority debt-based and crime-based slavery in Plantation America since 1585, as opposed to the minority race-based slavery. [3]
Briefly put, America is the result of God being taken out of the social contract and the king, whose sacred duty it has always been to protect the common man from the other rich bastards, was removed as protector of the common and reassigned as the figurehead of the elite, extending to enforcing the ruinous dissolution of English Christian families for the enrichment of Non-English Non-Christian creditors.
The king in his remnant form was then replaced with a president, who was nothing but a tool of the elite—most starkly in the form of the first president—and then a show of abolishing forced and unpaid labor was made, with the caveat that the slave must be found guilty of a crime before his enslavement, which simply reflected laws as old as the mid-1500s.
And here we are, 132 years after that sham, with reasonable people arguing that people should be locked away as time slaves for the crime of taking drugs and unreasonable people arguing that ebony criminals should be uniquely above the law, unlike their criminal counterparts of other races.
In short, there are the well-meaning deluded and the bad-intentioned criminals.
Amongst the people staying at home and reading is a fine Christian lady, a real “Church Lady,” who reminded me to vote this year, that God needed me voting for the protection of churches and of homes.
I told her that I do not vote because my vote counts for nothing in Bantuistan where I am registered.
However, I could not tell her the actual reason why I would not vote even if it mattered, even if I knew my vote would be the vote that would install a government devoted to protecting churches and communities.
My reason is and always has been, that voting, that democracy is an affront to God, a delusion that squabbling workers and scheming merchants and politicized churchgoers know better than God. Indeed, many of our “Founding Fathers” were deistic, nearly as heathen as myself, only lacking an appreciation of extra-human hands in human affairs, as they saw themselves as ascendant gods reshaping the world bequeathed to them by a clockmaker God looking away in the center of the cosmos. And indeed they are worshipped at the level of beautification at least by many in this nation. Democracy felled the gods of Hellas—or at least severed man’s ties with heaven—and has had the same effect in America, with atheism running rampant since the imposition of universal suffrage after 1920.
No man who is elected president can speak the truth, for he treads a stage of pre-broken promises, repeating or recanting pre-slain words at the behest of the tidal forces of history and the mechanics of the machine for which he is a an articulated face.
Kings are anointed, not elected, anointed by the forces greater than human, emergent from among the storms of history raging across the tides of Time. Great people, individuals or tribes or nations, never, ever arise from easy times. Great people rise from turmoil. Sissies may whine that something beautiful is being lost, that the right of pale people to be weak, helpless, dreaming civilians is being burned on the altar of the Dark God.
The men that burned and looted the world in 1945 and earned the dreamland of the 1950s, they are gone. There is no one left aside from a handful of ancients who were mere soldier youths in that struggle, to lay claim to the only God Given right, which is Might. I never piloted a B-17, so I have no right to a house with two cars, a grill, a white picket fence and a retirement fund, let alone the right to have government goons protect it for me, while I drink iced tea and watch TV.
The democratic mind, that believes that God is upheld by the vote, deserves no king. Only the remnant of a slaughtered, harried, hunted and triumphant, deserve a king. We have not yet earned the return of our king.
If a church burns because its members failed to defend it, God has spoken.
If a city burns, because its sworn defenders kneeled to a false god rather than fight to preserve it, then God has spoken.
The purported religion of this nation, though vestigial, is still Christian. The early Christians were a persecuted minority. I see the dawning age as a chance for Christians to get back in touch with their roots and to continue to reconnect with the Eternal without a godless war machine as its protector. I really believe the coming age of hate is what people of faith need to maintain that which most of their fellow Americans have long ago willingly sacrificed on the altar of The God of Things.
-1. The Lies That Bind Us
-2. The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: pages 142-176
-3. I forget which book I put it in, probably both of the above. But the 14th Amendment is only a few sentences, so just read the heinous thing without transposing the lies you’ve been told about it.
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