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Hobo History Outlines
From 7/8-9/2020 Video Sessions
Historical Movies:
-1. 300
-2. Gladiator:
-3. The Revenant, Man in the Wilderness, Hostiles
-4. Mandingo
-5. Twelve Years a Slave
-6. Jango Unchained
-7. White Trash: Young Mister Lincoln, Unconquered and Cool Hand Luke
-8. Jeremiah Johnson

Historical Subjects
-9. The Fate of Enkidu: Epidemic Disease in History: He—Gilgamesh into the Face of Time
-10. Haitian Rising: Drink Deep of Night
-11. Ottoman Empire Rise and Fall and Parallels with Modern America: The Jericho Bone-12. Miyomoto Musashi

Unfilmed Outlines
-7. Great Sieges: Ernle Bradford the Great Siege, Robert E. Howard Shadow of the Vulture, Night Song of the Nords & Ire and Ice
-8. Last Stands: Reverent Chandler and Malediction Song
-9. Bad Asses of Ancient Combat Sports: Gods of Boxing
-10. Bad Asses of the American Frontier: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
-11. Cannibal Apocalypse in Egypt: The Jericho Bone, Yusef of the Dusk
-13. Toughest Military Units: Hurt Stoker, Ghost Snatcher, Thunderbird
-16. 20th Century Historians: Herbert Asbury, Will Durant, Barbara Tuchman, Oswald Spenglar, Shelby Foote: Crackerboy, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
-17. Holy Wars: Night Song of the Nords, Or Eye of the Dictor, Ire and Ice
-18. The Gods: He and The First Boxers,
-19. Heroes: Under an Iron Crown, A Well of Heroes 1, 2 & 3, Of Fear and Night
-20. Ancient Conquerors: By the Wine Dark Sea, Sons of Aryas, Hounds of Aryas with Marcus Casca and Might
-21. Conquistadors: A Sickness of the Heart and Our Captain, Bernal Diaz The Conquest of New Spain
-22. Richard Burton: Burton and Swineburne mention only, To Our Scattered Bodies Go by Phillip Jose Farmer: The World is Our Widow, Wonderfall and White Sky Canoe
-23. A Dumpster of Books: Reading and Writing
-24. Forbidden, Incomplete and Unpublished Books—Prompt file
-26. The Epic Poems: Gilgamesh [He], The Iliad [Gods of Boxing], The Odyssey, [Gods of Boxing], Argonautica [Off Stand the Wolves], The Aeneid [Destiny’s Exile], The Song of Roland [The Sardonyx Stone], Beowulf [A Warrior Be]
-27. By the Wine Dark Sea: A Mental Map of Ancient Hellas
-28. Industrial War and Fantasy: Tolkien, Eddison, Lewis, Peake and Wolfe: Vagabond Mind
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