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Policing in Guilt America
What Forms Will Policing Likely Take As the New Age Dawns?
People I speak to about the current Guilted Age of America either cheer the sudden invalidation of policing or decry it as a bad result that will lead to more crime. Me, now that being unapologetically pale is a crime, I have no desire to see laws enforced, for they will increasingly be pointed at me.
This is not sudden, but the rocky end of a long decline.
I would reference parts 1 and 2 of the Hobo History of Policing. The second video pretty much ended at 1865 when the Coal and Mining Police, a private army of oppression, legalized by the Pennsylvania Congress to terrorize working class European Americans and enforce corporate law, heralded the beginning of modern municipal policing. It also whispers of its end and what is to come.
Modern Municipal Police forces were brought into being and/or scaled up as a facet of the Industrial Age. Gaolers, constables, marshals and overseers could not continue to police such municipalities when tens and then hundreds of thousands of working scum were brought into do the work of industry. Those police forces, who have typically terrorized African Americans since 1968, had been dedicated to terrorizing European Americans from 1865 through 1955. Of course, anyone not of the propertied class, no matter their race, were always the object of the bully police attention.
This is depicted in the 1982 movie Rambo.
The shift in terroristic activity to focus on the African American was twofold:
-1. With the 1968 riots, ivories fled to the suburbs after having been largely defeated by ebony mobs. This left the police, dedicated to beating the shit out of the inhabitants of their bully zone, with a new enemy, a new prey.
-2. The War on Drugs, beginning in 1974 and amping up in the 1980s, crippled municipal policing. The only large municipal police force to control its city on its own tax base, post-industrial and post-Drug War, was the NYPD, now under assault by NGOs, citizens, criminals and the Deep State who all hold a convergent interest in its demise, as the only standing example of a successful police department in a large city funded by its own means.
The War on Drugs was the actual start of the municipal policing extinction event because:
-1. The conduct of the war, at Federal direction, forced the police to become the overt rather than covert enemies of the people they policed. Protection and service are questionable utopian notions which fail utterly when the police are kicking in doors in military gear every day.
-2. The conduct of the war generated larger, better-armed and highly financed drug gangs, which have since plaid key roles in social unrest, crime increase, police and political corruption and the drugging of the American paleface into oblivion.
-3. The presence of such drug gangs destroyed “The African American Justice System” by which vigilantes would punish violent criminals, now impossible when teenagers who mug old ladies have guns bought with drug money.
-4. The presence of so much money turned many cops into criminals themselves and expanded the rackets of existing criminal cops.
-5. Overall, the War on Drugs makes a city a far more dangerous place for police to operate and at the same time that police expenses go up, the tax base goes down as businesses and residents leave. This leaves the mid and large city police departments at the mercy of Federal demands attached to federal funding, this demand primarily an aggressive prosecution of the crime-generating drug war.
-6. Financed by the Feds, but not partnered with large numbers of federal police, departments such as Baltimore, when faced with Civil Unrest, collapse and retract and become perimeter security, patsies informants and scapegoats for the federal task forces inserted to prop them up.
-7. The presence of federal cops will result in some corrupt cops being singled out to publically reduce confidence in the local police even as the federal police protect and utilize the most corrupt and high ranking criminal cops for their own means. This further reduces community respect and drives good cops to small municipalities in rural and suburban areas.
-8. When large heterogeneous Empires—and America is larger and more diverse than ancient Rome—begin to suffer from reduced external expansion and conquest and experience internal difficulty, internal order is best maintained by a mobile central army rather than dispersed garrisons. The frontier legions of latter day Rome became ill-fitted for maintaining imperial order and the Imperators developed elite and mercenary and barbarian units to fly around the empire imposing order. The continued prosecution of the War on Drugs demands evermore federal boots on the ground. It has been established for ten years now, that police can only get away with killing their enemies when supervised by Federal agents and serving Federal warrants.
As the NYPD is discredited and abandoned by its civilian directors, and goes from being the 7th largest military in the world to a civil service agency dedicated to ticket writing, conflict moderation, report writing and supporting federal interventions in its area of operations, things will develop similarly across the nation, as municipal police forces, long ago having lost the industrial tax base that they were created and maintained to protect and serve—beating the shit out of striking workers, for instance—become the lackeys of their federal paymasters. I see this as no great loss, as the police departments founded to enrich politicians and their corporate masters, by keeping my ancestors working for as little as possible and making little trouble, have now clashed and lost in their fight against the race of folks who had been brought in by these same corporate forces to drive my family from the town it called home for three-hundred years. Those Industrial Age municipal police forces are now obsolete and will be phased out as the Information Age federal, automated and mercenary police operators either take their place or use them as doormen, informants and fall guys.
The big question which I am unable to factor, not being a rural man, is what will happen to rural police. While it is obvious that cities and suburbs will increasingly be policed by federal, neighboring, automated and private police forces, what will be the fate of small town America in the gathering age?
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