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‘Son of Love-Ethereal’
The Aeneid of Virgil, Book 1, Part 19
Raised in his mind Aeneas floated apart
Achates with him was bound in mist
Longing to break from his ambient cloud
Achates urged him to join the crowd
How Orontes paid fortune in death
How nineteen ships came here to rest
Achates words broke the spell
Mists trailing upwards in a swell
Aeneas suddenly in open sight
His face like ivory polished white
Serene of eye no longer lost in maze
His golden hair like the sun’s rays
In new youth from the cloud he woke
[With grave modesty spoke]
This man by storm lost
Saved from drowning by your coast
Stands before your just throne
With the relics of our ruined home
Queen of this fortunate land
Queen of our Fate-hounded band
Strangers to you are borne
Where else they meet scorn
Gods favor the good deed
And we stand here in need
As a smile forms from a frown
You this savage age transform
So long as rivers run to the sea
So long as the sun lights the day
So long as trees reach for the sky
Your blessed name shall never die
Whatever I suffer under Fate unkind
Your fair face shall rise ever in my mind
Aeneas restrained further words
Turning to his lost underlords
Gracing Ilioneus with his right hand
Sergestus with his left hand
Cloanthus and Gyas he took to his breast
Gyas he so pressed
And graciously descended among the rest
End 19
While the great figures of world religions: Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus and Mohamed have been credited with reaching an understanding with divinity on behalf of their folk via a period of seclusion upon a mountain or in some other isolating place, lesser figures such as Gilgamesh, Odysseus, Jason, Herakles and Aeneas are often isolated from the collective mind and consciousness of their people via a direct intercession by the supernatural. Aeneas period of mist-shrouding may be in the tradition of Odin’s disguise among mortals or simply reflect a period of internal reflection and social reclusion.
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