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18 Calves
A Muse on Ecological Tyranny
© 2020 James LaFond
A day or two ago I received a text from a reader that read:
“We met an old rancher named Charlie. Wish you could interview him. Bull rider.
“He lost 18 calves last year to the “big wolves” imported by the government. Says Montana has always had smaller wolves that weren’t a problem.”
-Mon, June 15
I recall seeing a video of “reintroduced” wolves in Yellow Stone Park, which were not re-introduced but a human planted invasive species, that began wiping out the coyotes. I have heard from men in Washington and Wyoming that these wolves are reducing wild elk herds and have become a threat to cattle and may also end up harming humans.
In our society, which is rendered incapable of understanding reality due to the false polarity we willingly abide by, it is the most common wisdom that anything the government does that harms people is an accident. This is believed by the American fool, despite the fact that government agencies recruit the smartest college students, and the fact that politicians work for the smartest billionaires. Most tellingly, is the fact that everything the government does, on close examination, causes immense harm to humans who are not billionaires!
Why can we not see reality when looking at it?
We are taught, and over 90% of us believe, that there is no such thing as a conspiracy: that is, I suppose, why the words conspiracy, conspirator, conspiratorial and conspire are not in the English language. Because, as every American Fool knows, no two people or organizations have ever cooperated in such a way as to advance their welfare and possibly do so at the cost of some rival person or organization’s welfare.
This is further why war does not exist and is nothing but a fantasy term, used to make movies and games. For the act of war would involve more than one person cooperating for the downfall of the other. Such cooperation would therefore be a conspiracy and might even involve passwords, secret codes, and other gaming terms with no foundation in peaceful reality.
This is furthermore why sports do not exist, for we all know that humans would be incapable of plotting football plays or boxing strategies and therefore the sports we think we are watching are just figments of our innocent and addled imaginations.
Remember in 2016, when Democratic voters actually went insane over the false belief that more than one Americans who did not agree with them voted for Trump?
If that election of the hated Orange Man had not been a mass delusion, than it would qualify as a conspiracy.
How about this year, when Republicans lost their shit over Democrats paying thugs to burn 50 American cities and force the defunding of police? Imagine if that had not been a dark fantasy, if it had really happened. That too would have been a conspiracy.
But we know that conspiracies do not happen.
Yet, perhaps you are one of the 10% of people who actually believe in conspiracies?
Timber wolves have been introduced to reduce game so that gun owners do not have a leg to stand on. You see, both sides of the gun ownership debate reference hunting as the only legitimate reason to have a firearm. No one wants to believe that an American would actually fight against his government. So, if there is no more game to hunt, or if it is not overpopulated, the guns can go away. And, if you bring up the fact that guns are needed for protection against the government, should it overstep its bounds, then you will be in the same pickle as those coyotes [that used to reside] in Yellowstone…
There is also the threat to the cattle ranchers, who are using valuable land that could be sold to Chinese investors to feed the hated American paleface. Just like the U.S. Government once wiped out the bison to get rid of the Indians, SHE will wipe out ranching to get rid of the palefaces.
I am not saying this is a bad idea.
Chinese are more obedient to government than palefaces. Any government worth its salt would prefer them over us, just like they preferred us over the Lakota who did not even believe in real estate taxes!
Ultimately, the Chinese, Somalis, Mexicans and Nigerians along with the rest of our replacements, will be annihilated by the elite and most of America will be used as a habitat theme park for the couple million elite residents served by their drones, robots and flesh-bots.
The American mind is incapable of understanding the last seven paragraphs. Therefore it is a good thing that this is just a writing exercise.
Your Government loves you!
Now, kneel to your dark God, ghost man!
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Furd Turguson     Aug 4, 2020

I think of wolves as part of the area denial weapons our masters have unleashed. Lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever and most insidiously, chronic wasting disease. All of which will keep humans from living outside the smart cities where the panopticon holds sway.

Of course humans lived beside wolves and were honed by them. Brain eating prions, not so much.
Ishmael     Feb 17, 2021

James, they are Canadian timber wolves,'I sent you a pic of my old boss, his grandson holding the wolf that got into the horses. That kid is 5' 10" if you can find it to post will give your readers a sample of their proportions. Hunting for my class, and culture will be illegal someday, Bill the creep Gates is buying up farmground, some serious days are close at hand, as George Carlin stated, there is a big elite club, and you aren't part of it. The greedy pricks want it all to themselves.
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