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Hounds of Aryas
Marcus Casca's New Book is in Print
© 2020 James LaFond
In the first quarter of 2020 I engaged in correspondence with a brilliant young man who was better fitted to deal with one of the four legs of the Aryas series than I. His answers to the question of the origins of western warrior traditions are contained in Hounds of Aryas.
My more modest contribution to the subject of the unique Аrуаn relationship to domesticated animals shall be included in Shades of Aryas.
Marcus' work is a clean and pleasing read carved clearly in ancient and modern context.
The author was assisted in his publication by Lynn Lockhart.

Dust Cover
"Aryan," in every ancient Indo-European language from Sanskrit to Gaelic, connotes strength, excellence, nobility. These were qualities in short supply and high demand in the Ancient World and the Middle Ages. Amongst Indo-European language speakers in the Modern Age, Аrуаnism is synonymous with Nazis, Klansmen, and racists of every strip. "Aryan," the first word to conjoin goodness and nobility, is today embraced only by the dregs of society, and for the wrong reasons. Why has this inversion of terms occurred? And what does the rejection of the term “Aryan” indicate about the manners and morays of modern men? Hounds of Aryas posits that the ancient Аrуаns’ connection to horses and hounds tied their thoughts, words and deeds to passion rather than reason. The statesman-general, rather than economists or philosophers, constitute the ideal of the Persians, Myceneans, and Romans. Hounds of Aryas examines the Аrуаn mentality through their connection to the animals around them, and does the same for modern man. The results, I think, are quite illuminating.
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Shep     Aug 12, 2020

"...the Аrуаn proclivity for raising warhounds was and is no universal human inclination. It is a choice, a conscious act of the will that resulted in the continental hegemony of the Аrуаn people and the global domination of their European descendants."

"Dogs found us when we were young and unsteady on our rickety pair of legs. They helped man totter along as best they could, eternally proud of our progress".
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