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The Strongest Man I Know
Doctor Dread Tales and Hammer Doctrine In the Year of Our Lord Floyd 1
© 2020 James LaFond
When I called him eight weeks ago and could hear the pain as he recovered from being crushed by a tree, it shook my world, that my head coach, who could kick my ass, was my doctor and had so much more pain tolerance than I, that I felt like a sissy, was shaking in shattered ague.
He came to the Land Lady’s house yesterday for dinner on his crutches. The story of his squishing I’ll leave to him as he is beginning to write about it. He did tell a number of stories as we discussed self-defense options for the endangered paleface, within the context that no paleface man who uses a gun for self-defense in a blue zone, which encompasses most of inhabited America, will be able to be judged by a jury of his peers. We will be lynched.
In 1968 it became against federal law for an ivory to successfully defend against an ebony.
Localities, the medical establishment and the omniscient media priesthood now all agree.
When an ivory is attacked by an ebony it is ivory that caused and deserved the attack.
We walk in the garden of the gods, mere pale imitations of their awesomely-hued majesty, and we better not pretend that we too are gods, for we are merely their mortal food.
The tales I relate are recent and should be considered in the context of combat. The ivory who insists on relying on the “rights” of a past age is doomed.
Upon concluding our relation of violent encounters of late, we workshopped improvised survival tools and agreed that the claw hammer is the best paleface weapon. Here are some aspects we discussed.
-The hammer is the weapon you should have at hand for your seated driving position.
-The hammer is the weapon of the Аrуаn people, the tool that brought the iron into existence that our ancestors used to conquer the dawn worlds.
-The hammer is the correct tool for the torment and suffering of a deity. In The First Year of Our Lord Floyd, the metaphysics should not be lost to us.
-Thrust with the broad head.
-Hook with the back for counter grappling.
-Learn to smash with forearm action only.
-Learn to throw for use against a gun, as the heavy head increases accuracy and impact.
-The straight claw is better for all uses, thrusting, smashing, grappling and throwing and also permits spiking.
-The hammer works against armor and can be used to destroy cars and buildings and to root out any supplies from their scrap-built armories.
-Sparring cannot be done safely even with masks so use PVC.
-For bag and snake training use sand-filled plastic hammers.
-For hammer training use the actual hammer.
-Buy a brace of hammers, multiple hammers, a peen, a claw and a straight claw so you can throw the peen and go two-handed with the claw hammers, using the straight claw in the dominant hand and the traditional claw as back up.
-Of course, the fourth hammer should be a hatchet.
I will use Doctor Dread’s recent ebony encounters to illustrate awareness.
Like Doctor Dread, I suggest employing force against pale criminals at a high rate and only using force against the Teak-Hued Gods when there is no other choice. This affords one with practice at the expense of bikers and dope fiends and such.
For legal purposes, do count hipsters and libtards as ebony pets, who might possibly be undergoing gender transition and therefore possessors of the rarified rights bequeathed to myelinated humanity on behalf of Floyd upon his ascension. Only use force against paleface men of criminal or conservative rural type. Liberal suburbanites and urbanites, through their cleaving to the orthodoxy of Our Lord Floyd, may be expected to be extended some residual privilege emanating from the nimbus of the Savior’s Golden Bier.
To my Christian friends and readers, I am not impugning your ancient faith, but simply pointing out, that in this dawning age, you are all heathens now.
Have the Masters even permitted you to re-enter the fallow halls of your church?
Have you convened a secret church and gathered in some later day catacomb?
If not, this has been noted by the Masters, so expect them to treat you as a heathen.
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