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Victim Selection 101
Crack Man and the Crackpot Comment on Agave on Ebony Crime
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Picked the wrong negro
Crack Man
Sat, Aug 8, 3:53 AM (1 day ago)
Usually Someone walking Backwards is scared or packing a punch you walking Right into.

James LaFond <>
Sat, Aug 8, 11:34 AM (22 hours ago)
to Crack
Thanks, Man.
I can't view the video but I will look at the setup mechanics tomorrow and write something.
Take care.

Bro weighs 90% of their combined weight.
He looks like a West African/Scottish/Polish mix based on the thighs, hips and improbably mismatched square head.
He has stepped back with his right foot and is pointing his lead left hand from the hip, which means he is already targeting but staying coiled and potent.
The aggressors have a fearless posture and look like the skinny Central Americans who approached me one night in Baltimore County in December 2019.
I would figure them for knife carriers, especially closing on this bull of a man. If he punches straight and hits one of them from his posture, he will be dropping him.
Two Blacktino skinnies approached one of my fighters like this 18 months ago—also a stocky fellow—and he dropped them both in seconds.
Based on approach dynamics I'm going to predict a right left combo dropping the near skinny peddling up with head down, followed by the other hesitating and getting dropped with one shot.
Just a guess as I cannot view twitter videos any more.
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Shep     Aug 10, 2020

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