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Mudshark Metaphysics
The Mechanics of Bitch Trust and the Lords of Dusk
© 2020 James LaFond
Huerfano commented on Bitch Queen Metaphysics Aug-8-2020 9:36 AM UTC
Not really related to the post, but the mention of chocolate boyfriend brought up a question about white women who prefer them. My experience is that such women end up with huge trust issues, which I suspect is because their dark hued lovers probably have two or three on the go at any given time. Any thoughts?

Sir, it has been my observation that most women of all demographics have severe trust issues where men are concerned. This comes from many sources:
-Men and women are both under extreme economic and social pressure.
-Both genders are under consistent pressure to alter the gender roles they were born and raised under.
-Since women began experimenting with sexual relationships with men while both partners are mentally and emotionally children, a lot of disappointment is the lover’s portion by the time she decides on her ideal type.
I have generally noted higher levels of trust between mixed race couples then is the usual, except for women of any race involved with African American men, including myself, as an honorary n@##$%. I do not think it is because of our lustful nature, for this is one of the reasons they selected us. But rather that this lack of trust reflects the past experiences of a woman desperate enough to begin an intimate relationship with me or some n@##$% with better skin.
In my youth the traditional mudshark was a plump ghost wench who did not meet the standard American beauty standard and then bracketed down to a lower status man.
Increasingly, over the past 15 years, with the election of a dark president, I have noted very attractive ivory queens mining that ebony tree stand. While most of the brothers who got with a plump ghost woman were treated well, all of the brothers I know who have taken up with really attractive pale princesses, have been treated like shit, like they are just a sex slave, or a pet. Working at Geresbecks from 2010 thru 2017 we had three regular couples featuring a handsome and athletic ebon warrior and a beautiful ivory queen, and in every case the queen was a cruel mistress, calling her man the n-word in front of the night crew, insulting his intelligence and otherwise treating him like a slave. This one brunette queen, who was with David, a man who looks like actor Jamie Foxx, treated him so bad in front of me that I was embarrassed for him.
No pussy is that good.
My observation has further been that ebon men with ivory queens are generally devoted and faithful compared to their fellows mating within their race and are more submissive or more openly devoted than ivory men mating within their race.
These are only my observations and I would not try to draw broad conclusions. I have likewise noted higher levels of devotion among mixed couples in which the man is ivory. Perhaps it is as simple as the fact that these people broke with norms to be with each other and that bespeaks a higher compatibility in at least one aspect of their relationship.
One negative thing and one positive I have noted after spending much time working and living around mixed couples in which the man is darker:
-The man is generally of good character and inclined to make alliances among men of the devil race.
-The woman is about half of the time living in a state of hostility towards all men of her born devil kind and is using her mate as an insult and affront to her perceived tormentors.
The above was David’s predicament as he decorated the arm of his 9.5 on the hot scale ivory queen.
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Joe     Aug 9, 2020

"The woman is about half of the time living in a state of hostility towards all men of her born devil kind and is using her mate as an insult and affront to her perceived tormentors"

I've noticed this trend among "prettier" mudsharks. No man of European descent has ever properly put in her place so she lashes out and brings home an ebon.
James     Aug 10, 2020

Yes, hence the fate of David—that dude was teary-eyed as he stood next to me.
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