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Hunting Alpha
It occurs in the Darkly Dawning Age, that I am being increasingly mistaken for an Alpha Male, meaning a natural leader, a striver driven to compete for social control, women, resources, the loyalty of men. I have noticed other alienated men such as myself, pushed to the social extremes, also being looked upon by others as a potential leader.
Knowing real alpha males, this strikes me as comic.
Seeing better men reduced and ripped asunder by the System that I duck and dance from saddens me.
However, in the latter half of my life I have been sucked into such leadership roles for limited times and soon manage to squirm free of the unnatural demands on my reclusive spirit.
This heightens my once non-existent empathy for the born creatures of leadership.
It occurs that such weirds as I being invited or drawn into the realm of true prime men, and then ducking clear as soon as we can, is a sign of a deeply troubled time. True alpha males have been enslaved in sports celebrity and seduced by their masters and ordered about like so much meat, or enslaved and neutered by the military or law enforcement systems of control and despoliation, or drawn up into the heady realm of deal-making and money mechanics.
Where is Gilgamesh and Achilles?
Will they return?
Enkidu and Odysseus are lost and alone.
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