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Surviving Mass Hysteria: 8/1-18/2020
© 2020 James LaFond
At 22,859 words Wytchfinder spans 129 pages in Arial 12-point.
If you would like a pdf copy send me what you think its worth. There are 10 chapters in it that will not go up online and this timely book will probably not see print form until 2023. Send what you think its worth, including barter.
Copyright 2020 Randy Bracken
A Crackpot Book
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
Dust Cover
As Modernity melts down and transmogrifies into a twisted parody of human corruption, Randy Sterling Bracken, evil scion of a savage urban loin, living as a lone warlock, racing against his own rising insanity, tries to make sense of the world that hates itself with an increasingly stentorian intensity.
Overton Railroad Notes 3
‘What about the Coming Race War?’ 9
Snow Flake 17
My Old Man 19
Oliver and Tai 20
Hearth of Pictdom 22
The Patio 26
The Woodstove 28
Bitch Queen Metaphysics 29
Mudshark Metaphysics 32
The Big Hairy Thing 36
Shadows and Dust 38
Victim Selection 101 43
Seeing Blue 46
A Case of Coke 48
Guy Asper 50
Stumptown Strangler Report 52
When Children Died Young 56
Carissa and Rick 60
Dog Soldiers 62
A Harried Mind 65
Overtone Railroad Blues 67
‘The Job of Killing’ 68
‘I Was Lost Without You’ 75
‘I Hate America’ 80
Drums of Chicongo 83
‘Your Stop, Sir’ 87
Dueling with Electric Dan 89
Aggravation 90
Charlie 92
God Spit 94
Author’s Metaphysic Notes 96
Upscale Tale 97
Training with Electric Dan 99
My Dad 100
What I Learned in School 102
104 Fever 105
Big Al 107
Great American Shithole 110
Omnivorous Minds 113
Goon-Squad Aggressonomics 115
‘The Occasional Man’ 118
Alliance Allied Security 121
Epilogue 123
‘Their Shared Cup’ 124
‘A Mighty Root’ 127
Afterdark Completed
books in progress
Unbowed Completed
honor among men
under the god of things
the year the world took the z-pill
night city
orphan nation
into leviathan’s maw
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