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Crying Dog
Warlock Ethics for the Young Heretic
© 2020 James LaFond
If we have spoken on video or audio, even done a self-defense video, written a book, posted online, or otherwise have expressed any knowledge or opinion that denies that:
-I am evil based on the pale shade of my skin
-That Floyd is Risen as the new Christ
-That people with good skin are morally superior to my pale kind
-That banks are omniscient and capitalism is sacred
-That working with your hands is preferable to sitting at a desk
-And that Pale Mommy knows best, especially when she has not committed the sin of laying a Caucasoid egg and birthing an abomination such as I…
If you have been attached to any such posted, printed or recorded word, you are a heretic, a warlock, or a witch, subject to the witch hunts of the Second Reformation. We have entered—been pushed into like a bleating fold of sheep—an era of extreme Orthodoxy. Such an extreme orthodoxy naturally follows cyclically from times of extreme libertine perversion. This new era of orthodoxy is crucially different in one way: it has elevated the sins of the last age and appointed the worst scions of that degenerate time, as the saints and saviors or our new paradigm:
-Sloth = good
-Cowardice = virtue
-Complaint = erudition
-Squabbling = piety and faith
-Human Nature = abomination
-Obedience to Tyranny = holiness
The social order has been turned on its head by the elite in order to cultivate the worst among us, the meanest, most jealous, least empathetic and most violent and cruel people as the sheepdogs patrolling the fold of our collectivized soul.
The wolves have not been loosed among the fold.
The dogs have been loosed among the fold under the pretext that some of us are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
For those of us who have not reported for castration and complied with mandated reeducation, the gig is up and we will be hunted. For the most part this will take the form of economic ostracism.
I am generally shunned by like minds as a liability and have been hung out to dry in three different unnamed states of the disunion by like-minded men who I was supposed to simply meet-up with over the past two years. I even bought a train ticket to a city a year ago, purchased a week earlier than I needed to be there for my larger travel plans to meet one man on his suggestion—and he disappeared on me, a sheep darting back into the fold when the dogs were set loose.
One thing that will occur, if you are a dissenting soul who does not want to be mere cattle, and you also have combatant status, is that you will be sought out as a savior with a small s. I once trained a fellow who was being groomed as a fall guy, a rough looking man who had been oft invited to hang out with dissident luminaries, men who reeked of cowardice from my vantage, alienated men seeking inclusion via the gambit of changing the rules of inclusion, of depending on the awesome proxy aggression of the democratic machine to take them from Nerd to Jock in the high school-level politics of postmodern America.
I am remained of this subject, which has touched me personally, by reading Andrew Edwards King of Dogs, as the protagonist Grayson is sought by others to help them resist the machine of negation and it comes to a head on page 23.
I am proud that two of the men that I train have withdrawn from association with Alternative Political Activists, and that they came upon this decision without consulting me, but seemed to have used the mirror of combat and training to judge the character of their activist associates.
So, let’s say you get a phone call from a current or former cultural or political activist, a fellow warlock asking for some of your help in avoiding the Inquisitors and Crusaders of the system dedicated to our moral and physical castration.
Should you help him?
-1. If he does not have a real name it is because he does not trust you not to turn him in, which means he would turn you in.
Walk away.
-2. If he asks you to break the law, he is a PIG, a cop. Walk away.
-3. If he appeals to racial solidarity, than he is almost certainly a Federal informant.
Run away!
-4. If the distressed one is a woman, well, I don’t trust any woman I haven’t had sex with and I suggest that criterion, for no other reason than that fucking her places you as a “Boyfriend,” and gives you an excuse for protecting her.
-5. Is the target of aggression willing to
.a) move their address,
.b) quit their job or shutter their business in order to protect themselves?
If not they will sell your ass out, and as a physical actor you are always high on PIG target selection.
Walk away.
-6. Does this person want to take care of the problem through media or legal channels?
Look, anyone who wants to “Andy Griffith” their way out of The Terror [this is an almost exact replay of the French Revolution in many ways beyond the imaginative capacity of our sheepish fellows] does not realize the level of danger and they are asking you to step into a situation that they are too deluded to understand.
Always leave Andy Griffith twisting in the wind. Anyone who thinks that moral “right” constitutional “rights” or even state of municipal statutes will save them from state-sponsored terrorism is a fool—do not help fools.
Shut yourself off completely from this person.
-7. Does the person under threat want to “organize” politically, para-militarily, criminally, civically? A great example would be if someone wants to organize to protect a statue in a foreign city that the residents do not want to protect or may even want gone. Anyone suggesting such a thing is absolutely an agent of your destruction. Thank God this has never happened.
If so, you have been contacted by a Deep State agent or informer and you need to realize that you are the target.
Think about this, when any group of Bantu warriors are arrested by PIGs, they immediately begin blaming their “brothers” and helping the PIGs build their case. Half the time it’s the least active member who gets fingered by the most active members, like the lookout doing time for the shooter’s murder rap.
Stop and think that these Bantu brothers are exponentially more brave than some suburban paleface who is still locked into the economic system as a debt slave, married to a wife who will turn him in in a heartbeat and possibly even affiliated himself with such entities of evil as universities, government agencies and corporations.
If Tyrone will turn in Jerome 9 out of 10 times, what do you think Trent will do to John, Trent who is even afraid to live in a world that is not run by a police state, when Tyrone dreams of a world without a police state?
Unless someone houses me, feeds me, shakes my hand while uttering their actual name, or is a woman who naturally falls under my protection due to her inability to resist my charm, I’m not helping anybody under terrorist threat for the very sound reason that all current terrorist threats in the U.S. are sponsored and tolerated by law enforcement agencies and Deep State thinkers.
Watch your topknot, paleface—it’s the only scalp the hunters of men are allowed to take.
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Denise     Aug 23, 2020

I really began learning some of the things you're talking about during the Standing Rock rioting, when the Feds wouldn't shut it down, nobody on either side of the aisle was talking about it publicly, and the MSM wouldn't talk about it. I personally believe that it was a training ground for what's going on now. I really got an eye full of the nonsense that comes with the supposedly anti-government groups, who I wouldn't trust to solve any problem, let alone make a cohesive attempt to return us back to the Constitution. I could absolutely see how a "Home Guard" similar to the ones during the Civil war could be just as dangerous as the "opposition". I totally agree with you about the economic criteria. I can see a day coming very soon where we will either comply or be unable to function in normal society. I'm not sure people who are debt free living on a bug out acreage will even be able to function. I see a lot of people saying they won't be chipped, but I can see all the reasons that it will be nearly impossible for most not to be. I fear the technology will make it impossible for dissenters to escape the system. The recent unveiling of technology that can make fake film using existing video of a person frightens me and I worry we're no longer going to be able to trust anything we see. I fear the mind games the most, because I can already see how we're being manipulated and once AI makes reality manipulative, how will we be able to even keep ourselves sorted out?
James     Aug 23, 2020

I'll answer this as an article soon Denise.
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