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My Nickel a Month
The Ether Reading Report from My Literary Masters
© 2020 James LaFond
The report below comes to me in the third week of each month concerning my 70 or so kindle edition e-books. I no longer do kindle books since they falsified my pages read two years ago and jipped me out of my 11 cents of some 20 million bucks.
My cut of this 32.4 million will be about a nickel.
What I'm interest in, is that this total is hardly ever over 25 million, let alone 30 million, indicating that there is a silver lining to the shamdemic cloud, that people are reading more.
This is another way in which something bad brings something good. My kindle and print sales have been higher than ever since the Shamdemic began. Since we are talking about books, often self-published, from myriad perspectives, increased reading of books in any form is likely too erode a small portion of the hold on Postmodern minds so fecklessly managed by the media priesthood and political covens. Hundreds, thousands and maybe tens of thousands of readers might find a science-fiction book by Phillip K. Dick or Wolfe which causes doubt in regards to the new faith in Floyd's Sacrifice and the cult of Followed Science.
Cycles reign, not the lineal ascent worshipped by men who would be gods, and this notice below is but one small measure of lineal economic growth which suggests the greater cultural and spiritual cycle of human life.

KDP Select July 2020 Fund Update
Amazon <>
Wed, Aug 19, 4:08 PM (3 days ago)
The KDP Select Global Fund for July is $32.4 million.
We will again award "KDP Select All-Stars" for July to the most-read authors and most-read titles in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. All bonuses will be awarded based on total Kindle Edition Normalized Pages read during the month. We will also award bonuses for illustrated kids’ books – the top 100 most read titles in the U.S. and top 25 in the U.K. will receive such bonuses.
For more information on All-Stars, you can go here.
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The Kindle Direct Publishing Team
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