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‘What You Gonna Do?’
6/21/20 A Doctor Dread Tale
Doc was gassing up his pickup truck at a Baltimore County gas station when three feral bantu warriors happened by on foot.
One asked Doc, “Yo, you have fifteen-cent I could hold?”
Doc said, “I have nothing for you. Keep on going.”
The three ferals then converged on the other customer at the pumps, gassing up her car, a paleface frail, a ghost of guilty type and began demanding money of her.
Doc warned them to leave the lady alone.
One of the Bantus said, “Why, what you gonna do?”
Doc, noting the odds, reached into his truck and retrieved an escrima stick, put it in a shoulder load stick-boxing guard, and refreshed his demand that they leave the lady alone.
One of the Bantus declares, “So you are hard man, you a badass?”
Doc countered, “We’re about to find out, aren’t we?”
The Bantu then said, “It cool, we cool,” and the three Reparations Recovery Agents sauntered on, looking for easier marks.
The traditional majority American view of this encounter is that police should show up and arrest the Bantus.
The current majority American view of this encounter, is that the police should show up and arrest Doc.
My view, is that if there were no police, than Doc could have easily placed three heads on poles around the gas station and that it would become a taboo place for the Bantus and a place of refuge for pale frails.
Doc does not agree.
Doc would prefer a world where he could just break one of their hands, lecture them and send them on their way, because he is an Alpha male, a leader who takes responsibility for those around him.
Doc considers civilization to be good and police as having a rightful place.
I would either let the woman be beaten, robbed, raped and killed as I went on my way, or I would have done something horrible and then committed suicide by cop, because I’m a node of dysfunction in the civilized continuum. Hell, I tried to cut off a friend’s head with a homemade sword when I was 18 because I caught him beating my brother in my father’s house.
Doc is the better man, but this sick world has slated us both for economic extinction.
We disagree on the bigger things here.
But on the purity of combat as the only real arbiter of truth, we agree.
Interestingly, most Americans are so deluded, so suffocated by the Lie Divine, that they cannot look at this account and see its violence. That encounter had the tone of many an armed encounter out of history, a test of wills in which one side backs off into the recesses of the lie of their false resolve and the other stands true.
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The ExileSep 1, 2020

I am shocked that the frail Ghost failed her civic duty and didn't report Doc for refusing these unarmed, oppressed youths their rightful share of whatever Reparation money she owed them.
responds:Sep 1, 2020

That is why I would never take that chance. My experience is about half of pale women will side with their ebon attackers against a pale protector.
c8Aug 31, 2020

For yore viewing pleasure, good sirs
responds:Aug 31, 2020

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