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Full Auto Scapegoat
Notes on Turning Away
© 2020 James LaFond
I had outlined two books to carry me through to the end of the year on contemporary self-defense and survival concerns. One is A Science-Haunted World, a survival book, and the other is Randy Bracken Goes to Hel, a travel book. I might as well admit to being Randy’s ghost writer.
I have just gotten critically sick of covering the same shit I’ve been writing about since 1996, which is how to avoid violence and then survive it if it somehow finds you. I have written over a dozen books on this subject just this year.
In case you are truly concerned with your chances out there, read any of the books in the following three categories on Lynn’s book store:
Combat: 13 titles
Survival: 12 titles
Harm City: 27 titles
In the meantime, I will do my best to avoid writing anything on survival or combat and will not post my observations of American mayhem I see as I travel around, but save them for Randy’s book.
I am doing this so that I might complete a history book or two and four novels now in the works.
In the meantime, please keep in mind that what is going on in this country is not a Civil War, but a reformation/reconstruction intended to put us back where we were meant to be, on the debt-based Plantation, in thrall to our White masters.
God Fuck white people—please.
The violence in the cities is just real estate flipping by the Whites to buy up property on the cheap and also, a system test. At the very least, the Whites want you to say something politically incorrect so that you can be put out of a job or lose your business. They don’t need us anymore. The entire economy has been offshored or given to immigrants. This nation was founded as a slave colony for European orphans, abductees, criminals and dissidents. It has run its course and strip-mined its environment and traditions.
We are now like foster children who have reached age 18.
Key to the system test is the Creep State quest for the full-auto scapegoat, that asshole conservative reactionary who is going to take a military style long gun and “fight to take America back,” as if it was ever ours.
Don’t be that guy.
You cannot fight the Creep State.
The only chance for traditional life in America is a natural disaster so bad that it wipes out the central Communist System of Control in Mordor on the Potomac. Unfortunately, asteroids are most likely to hit the Pacific or Asia.
In the meantime, I suggest enjoying the shit show and surfing the apocalisp.
If you are curious where I think this is going you might want to hit me up for a copy of American Dream Boat or Ghost Snatcher, as they won’t be in print this year.
I have about 60 articles written about events and experiences from June 21 thru August 31 which I will dole out over the waning season of this momentous year. Other than that I intend to write history and fiction except when forced by events to do private travel writing which will not be posted here. Mister Bracken buys me a bottle of 151 rum every time I finish one of his travel books, so that is priority one.
The Books I am attempting to finish are:
-Beasts of Aryas, a year in progress
-American Spartacus, 4 years writing
-Working Man: A Biography, a new project
-Beyond the Pale, 4 years writing
-The Filthy Few, 3 years writing
-Wonderfall: 8 years writing
-Drinking with a Gay Giraffe, just started
That is it for this Science-Haunted World.
Don’t be that full-auto scapegoat—not even a select-fire scapegoat.
Thanks for your support and try and stay out from between the toons in blick and the goons in blew.
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NC     Sep 3, 2020

It pains me you telling us not to push back against the creep state. Don't want the tracking vac in my wrist ever!

BTW-using the $store go get cheep food for the impending famine. Only 27 buying days left before sweet, sweet green apple splatters start spraying everywhere!
James     Sep 7, 2020

I do think men with families should own long guns.

I did, when I had a family.
Alex Smallwood     Sep 6, 2020

That’s for the warning about fighting with the long gun. I was falling into that trap. How do I get American dreamboat?


James     Sep 7, 2020

If you email me at ϳаmeslа at gmа I can send you the draft. If you like it send me a donation.
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