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Running Away as a Viable Survival Option
Big C. Wants to Know About Egress Options
© 2020 James LaFond
Big C commented on Doorknocking Sep-14-2020 4:04 AM UTC
Hey James,
I live out here in Seattle WA, so I tend to keep my ear to the ground in terms of news of any crazy stuff happening. I stumbled upon this video of this dude getting beaten like a mid to low tier prostitute who nabbed a couple of bucks out of your wallet while you were fast asleep. I'm staring at my computer monitor saying to myself, "Dude, just freaking run! Get the lead out and start hauling!".
(Here is said video)
That being said, would running away be a viable option? Or would you just end up getting chased down and beaten or even worse, shot.
I'm an ok boxer, but a better sprinter / medium distance runner (about 6 miles). That is why I would be asking.
Thanks,Big C
P.S.I just picked up a copy of Waking Up in Indian Country and so far I find the book funny, yet educational.

James responded on Sep-14-2020 at 2:46 PM:
Thanks for the book buy man!
I will answer this as an article as soon as I can view the video.
Take care.

It has been a long time since running was a viable option for me.
When Bantus flee from close rage handgunners in Baltimore 1/3 die, 1/3 are wounded—some crippled—and 1/3 escape clean.
A knifer cannot effectively stab you while he is running unless he is faster than you and uses an icepick grip.
If its you being attacked by three Icelandic powerlifters, by all means run your ass off.
If, however, a Bantu, or in this case Ghost-Bantu, Impi has dispatched raiders to run you down, then I recommend shuffle-running, side-skipping, shoving and the use of improvised weapons—even a handbag or sports drink bottle—to make space and stretch them out and keep facing them while you back away in much the same way as you would do in basketball or soccer.
If you do turn to run you loose time turning and lose heart and encourage a chase that increases their heart, just as with running from dogs. It is chemically very hard to run and then turn and fight.
A good time to run is if you have been knocked to one knee and then sprint like out of a starting block.
If you run by an attacker always seek to rake the eyes with your fingernails.
If you do run, run through them, so they will lose time turning. It is really hard to catch shoplifters who behave like they are a football running back.
For you, able to box, being big, and able to run well, in such situations I recommend advancing behind a jab, then running past that attacker as he backs and/or covers and shoving him into or dragging him into the pursuit path of the others.
Instead of dragging the back foot when you jab, as soon as your weight shifts to your lead foot, step past him with your rear foot while dropping your jab hand to his shoulder, and using your rear hand for a stiff arm or break tackle. This cross step is a shift in boxing and stick-fighting.
Now, I will view the video and try and give some posthumous advice...

Okay, the fat woman is beaten while trying to defend the seated driver, a healthy looking man.
She is then driven to the asphalt and beaten on the ground.
The entire time, the driver, perhaps concussed already, for he seemed listless behind the wheel, just sat. The man was either frozen in fear or brain-damaged at this point from something that happened while he was seated.
Counter to the beliefs of most Americans, beginning combat in a seated position, even behind the wheel of your awesome machine, is never a good idea unless you are a military aviator. Even turret gunners in AFVs stand.
If the truck didn't work, he had no option.
This looks like savage ghost boys trying to kill an unguilted ghost while a Bantu Samaritan tries to stop his stomping unsuccessfully. The kicker looks 90% ghost at least.
This kid was knocked out as he sat on the street.
If you are trained and experienced fighter you can fight while KO'd in some circumstances. But that only happens when you are KO'd while fighting, People KO'd in a passive posture never go on auto pilot.
There was no option to run or fight. This was a KO victim being damaged while unconscious.
Let's say this kid walked through there and was attacked, chances are that with 10 attackers, 1-3 are as fast or faster than he is, as they were all young.
The only chance he had was the truck and somehow that did not work for him.
The fact that it seemed his fat woman got out of the truck and tried to defend him while he sat there argues that he was already completely impaired and inactive in the driver's seat.
If he was a boxer he would not be allowed to train for 3 months, spar for 6 or compete for a year. He will probably never be the same again.
The situation is very much like a savage, civic sport, with referees and "street medics" attending the casualties.
If he were able to run, note that he had a blocker in the form of the Bantu Samaritan.
Even a leopard or lioness avoids a clan of hyenas.
This is not something that can be fought through without a level of force that would bring down the PIGs on the defender.
One must simply avoid such situations and stop expecting the best of the worst animal on earth—the Collectivist Meat-Puppet.
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Big C     Sep 14, 2020

Thanks James! Me and my pals find this information of great significance! Stay Safe!

Big C
James     Sep 14, 2020

Thanks for the article. Hope it helps someone.
T-Rex     Sep 14, 2020

There is 30 minute video out there showing everything leading up to this. The guy should have gotten out of there a long time before this happened. He made the mistake of verbally engaging the mob, trying to reason with them, and attempting to retrieve the property of a robbery victim. Shoulda known better.
James     Sep 14, 2020

Darwin Award.
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