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Roe Jogan
Writing Phillip K. Dick’s Final Novel: Media Cycling
© 2020 James LaFond
Any temporal power needs to come to terms with the religious establishment. Religion is now moderated by media personalities instead of pastors and takes place mostly on social media. Even traditional pastors have agreed to preaching and conducting mass and services online instead of in person. Any pastor who has done this, though nominally of a pre-media faith, is most likely an actual media acolyte and can be expected to inform on his congregation in the coming ideological and ethnic cleansing. Magi and Christian priests and monks both went over to Islam as scholars and holy men in mass some 1400 years ago. They will do it again. Power is power and that is what religious hierarchies truly worship—power in heaven and on earth.
When one takes a survey of media portals and peers into these oracles you see:
Severe Orthodoxy: CNN, MSNBC
Orthodoxy: ABC, NBC, CBS, Al Jazeera, BBC
Mild Orthodoxy: FOX and One America
Heresy: Myth of the 20th Century and other alternative views to the System Narrative
Fanatic Orthodoxy: It Could Happen Here, Behind the Bastards and other justifications for an intensification and narrowing of the System Narrative
What is missing is a pure truth seeker.
Imagine what this person might be like.
Let’s call him Roe Jogan and imagine him as Phillip K. Dick—who I am posthumously ghostwriting for—would imagine him:
-A likeable meathead with above average intelligence who would ask questions naïve enough to illicit trust from the idiot masses listening and watching.
-A sports fan, someone really invested in popular sports to the point of having competed and making friends with many of the athletes.
-Even better, what if we imagine this meathead lands a gig doing post-fight interviews of the winners of the new and growing combat sport of “Cube Fighting” in which men must fight in an anti-gravity cube. This would be very important, as any student of history knows that spectacular combat is an excellent way to divert the attention of the mob.
-For shits and giggles let’s make him a comedian—like a middle of the road high social intelligence type of comedian with lots of comedian buddies.
-Phil would want a pothead at least—so let’s make Roe a pothead, even have him smoking drugs on live TV with guests!
One might see such a figure as Roe Jogan and say that the System would fear him. No, rather they would endear him. In a world so intensely bracketed by lies as this dystopia Dick is still dreaming about in his Yellow Submarine, there would be a thirst for the truth among a significant minority. The System knows that the significant minority contains minds capable of challenging its control of the idiot majority. One could imagine his popularity growing and the System taking inventory.
Imagine further, that an intelligence operative, let’s call him Spedward Knowden, dumped information of the System breaking its own laws and then fled to an enemy System. That would be the cherry interview for Roe Jogan. Imagine him getting 16-million views on Tru-Lube overnight and then getting a lucrative contract with some media titan with a ridiculous name like I-Espy.
Imagine the viewers, a few months after tuning into see this lovable meathead raise his eye in wonder at the disclosures of Knowden, are tuning in for some other show on the growing unrest, and Jogan mentions that arson is being committed and not punished.
Then, the next day, he retracts this statement…
Jogan is now a slave, has been bought and paid for and slowly his bargain with the collective Devil will evolve into them “fact checking” truth into lie, selecting his guests, managing his archives, etc.
If such a creature as Roe Jogan ever existed, the brief period of illumination he would experience as an awakening truth seeker would be immediately eclipsed by his moral enslavement to the very darkness he sought to escape and now serves as its drooling lapdog.
Not everyone has a price.
A person as ambitious as the fictional Jogan, would have a price.
If they do not have a price, and are hence a true tumor of dissent, they better hide the fact that they are a moral actor from the System.
In Part 2 of this outline of Phillip K. Dick’s final novel, I will look at the future of policing.
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This is great, James, thank you.
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Thanks, man.
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